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On Friday, September 8th, Gita Omri unveiled her highly anticipated Spring Summer 2024 collection, Marriage is Wonderland, during NYFW. The collection had themes of 70s disco and 80s pop, with the color palette ranging from subtle navy blues to pops of pink. The designer also incorporated black and white pieces to round out the collection. Omri played with classic spring design elements like color blocking and metallic florals to create unique statements pieces.

The collection explores relationship dynamics through all its stages, starting off with the vibrant pinks, or "rose colors" as Omri called them, to signify the honeymoon phase. The show then transitioned to the metallic silvers and navies for the next stage, switching between the color scheme to represent the highs and lows of a long-term relationship. The collection seems to allude to the commonly known four stages of relationship stages studied by experts.

Omri compared the collection to a meaningful bond, describing it as, "joy, and ecstasy, its laughter, and pleasure and pain, and anger, and deep deep love, and annoyance, and elation, and disdain, and wonderful!!!" Some pieces even made the dichotomy of relationships the focal point through a quite literal split down the middle or mix of contrasting patterns in sophisticated ready-to-wear designs.

The fashion show was held at Wonderland Dreams, an immersive Alice in Wonderland themed art exhibit by Alexa Meade. This strategic set added to Omri's vision of exploring the intersection between love and fashion as the imagery brought the garments to life.

Omri bridged together the collection with the exhibit, saying, "Just like in Wonderland, you never know what or who is going to come around the next bend. All you can expect is whatever will come your way will be wonderful in its own way and as long as you travel together you will always be home."

Along with the set, a focus was created on the collection through the choice of styling for the models. The makeup was kept simple with a dewy look emphasizing each model's rosy cheeks with the heavy blush look recently popularized through Tik Tok. The models' hair was parted down the middle and put up in a bun to further create focus on the clothes rather than the hair and makeup. The looks were accessorized with heart-shaped earrings, alternating between white and pink for different looks. For the shoes, the designer stuck to simple black strappy heels.

The collection succeeded in evoking emotion for the attendees, which included Crystal Waters, Reyna Roberts and Jules Wainstein. Carmit Bachar, a former member of The Pussycat Dolls, walked in the show amongst an array of diverse models representing the average woman.

Each look from the show was showcased twice, by two models with different body types, as Omri works on her mission to make luxury fashion size inclusive. In an interview with Beauty Within Magazine, Omri said, "Inclusive sizing is... synonymous with womenswear... I want this to be the norm and not be my story." The collection ranges from sizes 0 to 30 according to the designer's website.

Omri's story is only expanding with the innovative new collection. The designer is meshing together the springs and dog days of a relationship for a Spring Summer collection that will only domino new trends for the season.


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