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On Friday, September 9th New York Fashion Week was officially kicked off with a bang. Following two years of lockdowns, and one year of mandate heavy vaccine restrictions -- the official fashion week calendar is almost back to pre-pandemic fashion chaos.

Lots of new trends emerged from periods spent at home; Including the industry's need to keep up with influencers and the ever evolving digital landscape. Brands needed to learn how to reflect the happenings of the world around them into their collections; Making us wonder do seasonal colors exist anymore?

Source: Jason Wu Collection, Marni, Eckhaus Latta

Many of us have heard that wearing white after labor day is frowned upon, and that brown and black don't go together. Right now, anything goes and every trend has made a comeback -- there isn't much that we haven't seen on the runway this year.

Color trends have really shifted this fashion month, I say this loosely because we are only three days into NYFW; Usually we see lots of pastels for spring, which most brands adhered to. Others remained bleak and neutral, featuring black and white. Which may actually reflect recent times of war and other societal events.

Source: Collina Strada, Private Policy, Altuzarra

Whereas, Altuzarra, Fe Noel, and Collina Strada gave us a second look at colors we'd normally associate with fall and winter seasons. Are these colors emerging from a place of anything goes, or are these brands compensating for lost time these past pandemic years? I guess we will have to wait for more Spring 2023 collections to walk the runway before we make a tough call on why these colors have been showcased in the upcoming spring season.

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