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Yueqi Qi wanted us to have a collection that was out of this world, and through the rings of Saturn. They did just that by using darker colors, dusty hues, and uncommon silhouettes.

Source: Vogue

For a spring collection, the color palette is a lot darker than one would expect. Instead of pastels and flowers, Yueqi Qi gave us tones of denim reminiscent of the night sky and a earthy palette with somber and sooty hues.The collection includes: baby tees, denim, faux fur, chains, and printed patterns. Something very familiar to us because of the Y2k revival.

Beyond making this collection out of this world, Yueqi Qi also created the collection with sustainability in mind. The collection is made up of denim that was supposed to be discarded from local factories in Guangzhou, China, the denim capital of the world.

In an interview with Vogue, the designer recounted a discussion with the factories hesitating, “and I was like, ‘I can show you all your trousers can be made into other trousers,’”. A large part of the collection was made from up-cycled jeans proving her point.

Source: Vogue

With such a large portion of the collection being denim, it made the looks feel more down to earth and wearable. Though, the baby tees were unimaginative, the use of faux fur was brilliant. Fur and shaggier items are in right now with the Y2k revival.

The long hems and dark colors are a bit gothic. At first glance, the prints appear bland and uninspired. However, it is in fact reminiscent of the sandy landscape of Saturn. But was staying on theme enough to make the collection a success? The brand puts themselves in a conundrum, because who would want to buy these looks at a luxurious price point when it’s dupable.

If you love the Y2k style and aesthetic you can take inspiration right off the runway and thrift half of these items. Was this collection genius because Y2k is trending or was it a flop because consumers can thrift the essentials from this collection?

Source: Vogue Runway

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