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The role of a writer is someone who sets the tone in everything they do such as movies, television shows, and publications. Every scene, episode, and perspective that viewers see all come from writers. They are one of the most important parts in the entertainment industry. Without writers, how would the entertainment industry survive?

For a long time, writers have been underpaid and overworked in the entertainment industry. This year was the year that everyone reached their breaking point. After six weeks of unfair contracts, the writers that work for the Alliance of Motion Producers and Television Producers, officially started their strike.

In May 2023, the Writers Guild of America started a strike for an ongoing labor dispute between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Producers and Television Producers. Companies such as Sony, Warner Bros. Discovery, NBC Universal, Paramount, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Disney are affected by the strike. As this strike represents the 11,500 writers that have unfair contracts, annual salaries, and streaming residuals with some of the most famous shows, this represents the importance of why it's important to stand for what's right.

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The strike has made an impact on good shows that the viewers enjoy. The TV shows that are delayed due to the strike are the following:

As the strike continues to grow in crowd numbers, not only does the community stand with the cause, but celebrities standing in solidarity for writers as well. Celebrities such as Quinta Brunson from Abbott Elementary, Titus Burgess from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, show their endless support for writers by participating in the strikes across the East and West Coast. Celebrities not only expressed their support towards the writers, but they also express their gratitude.

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The writers and representatives from the WGA is asking for a higher compensation, a stable pay structure, and residuals from all streaming content. Without these benefits, the writers cannot do what they are supposed to do with the TV shows, and they can't gain stability for their lives. As much as this can be shocking and unfortunate, due to the fact that some of these shows are very successful, this is something that the entertainment industry needs to improve on.

This strike has been going on for a month now, and because of this, there is still a halt on television shows, news, radio, and online writers. That's still 11,500 writers without an unfair pay and benefits. This strike is a reminder that without the writers, there would be no shows, and no content for every media publication to report on.

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