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For many people, turning up to an event with nothing but their underpants is a nightmare. Not these days, according to certain celebs.

Lil Nas X exceeded expectations of the traditional dress code when he appeared on the Met Gala red carpet earlier this month. He was covered entirely in jewelled Swarovski crystals and pearls (from his head to his toes), a metallic thong, and shimmering silver body paint. He went above and beyond with a coordinating bejewelled eye mask and manicure. The actor wasn't just amused by the flurry of cameras flashing and the enthusiastic responses to his red carpet entrance. He cherished it.

Source: Harpers Bazaar

The musician is not the only well-known figure recently dressed in their underwear. Clothing formerly considered intimate is now, well, not that intimate. While purchasing a bouquet in Los Angeles in November last year, Kendall Jenner hit the streets in her underwear. The $10 pair of Calzedonia tights she wore as bottoms were dramatically concealed by her thick knit pullover. Fans of her look mused how the 27-year-old turned “people’s legit worst nightmare” into a “slay” moment.

Source: Page Six

Bella Hadid embraced "Risky Business" vibes while grabbing a slice of pizza in New York City last September while wearing only white underwear and a tee. The model strutted around in her bloomers while wearing stylish Ugg Mini Platform boots, high white tube socks, and a leather jacket.

Source: In Style

In October last year, when visiting the brand's Paris Fashion Week event, Kylie Jenner dressed in white Loewe briefs and black stockings. The 25-year-old said in an Instagram photo, "No pants, no problem." The Thor actress Tessa Thompson adopted the no-pants look in mid-November to launch the Loewe store on Rodeo Drive while wearing gold underwear.

Source: Who What Wear

Other celebrities have also been rocking their drawers: Emma Corrin of The Crown walked the red carpet in a short black bodysuit, while Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter, wore translucent tights and undergarments to the opening of the Thierry Mugler exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. At the Fashion Awards in London on December 5, 2022, Rita Ora wore the sheer bottoms trend by baring her thong. Model Georgia Fowler wore a see-through skirt over her undergarments to attend the GQ Men of the Year Awards in November.

Source: The New York Post

Never one to miss a risqué opportunity, Julia Fox exposed her underwear twice, once in an extremely tight snakeskin outfit in October and secondly at the CFDA Fashion Awards in November. The "Uncut Gems" actress joined the craze last May when she made headlines for grocery shopping in just a bra and underwear.

Left to right: Source: Page Six; Source: Elite Daily

Moreover, it is unlikely that the trend will end soon. During the spring 2023 collection shows, panties as pants were seen on numerous runways, including Tom Ford's, who sent several looks down the runway wearing nothing more than lacy G-strings. Several designers, including Bottega Veneta and Del Core, decided to show intimates with translucent black stockings.

Left to right: Tom Ford, Del Core, Bottega Veneta; Source: The New York Post

Do you think the trend is excessive, or do you enjoy seeing underpants out in public? Despite your response, the most excellent thing about the trend is that your outfits only need to be half dressed!

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