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Apple TV+ has graced our entertainment sphere with shows and movies ranging from comedy to horror. But what we haven't seen from them is a fashion-based drama series until now. Apple TV's press team has released a statement giving us everything we need to know about their new project "La Maison."

Source: Apple TV+

Alex Berger, the Executive Producer and creator of the show's concept, teamed up with award-winning Filmmakers Fabrice Gobert and Daniel Grou to bring this series to life. TOP- The Originals Productions, a French production company, took on this project with Showrunners José Caltagirone and Valentine Milville. Filming is currently taking place in Paris, France and the 10-episode series is set to release in the few coming years.

The array of actors involved in this project speaks to the success it is likely to have. Each actor in this series has been nominated for the prestigious French national film recognition, the César Awards. Lambert Wilson is acting as the main character, De Gaulle. Alongside Wilson are actors Carole Bouquet, Zita Hanrot, Pierre Deladonchamps, Antoine Reinartz, Anne Consigny, and Florence Loiret Caille.

Source: IMDb

The show follows a wealthy French family who owns a fashion conglomerate. Their successful haute couture house has not faced turmoil and has consistently been successful. This has reigned true until the younger members of the family are expected to take over the company.

After Vincent LeDu (Wilson), the Designer of the family is involved in a scandalous viral video, the success of the family dynasty is hanging on by a thread. In an attempt to save the family's fashion house, they team up with Paloma Castel (Hanrot), a known Designer from a competing company, to revive the brand's name.

Overall, the show's premise unpacks the complicated themes surrounding family dynasties and the evergrowing fashion world. With hints of classic film drama sprinkled throughout, this series is sure to spark interest among fashion lovers and tv-goers at large.

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