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Today I wore a super basic outfit for a day of shooting content, as you can see above I turned this outfit into a reel. It was a little bit of a busy day, mostly at home with me working on the #ISSUED website.

The Details


Today was sort of a blah day... I was working on a lot of writing which sometimes is a lot of fun. I then got a little bored and decided to do a last minute unplanned photoshoot. I had actually been working on shooting with this backdrop for a while - funnily enough it has actually spent a lot of time on my living room floor before today!

The Details

I actually have no idea where most of the pieces in this outfit are from. I am wearing an authentic Vintage Yankees Kids Tank top from when I was a child, I know its crazy it still fits! I am wearing a double chain necklace, and while you can't quite see them my Vintage leather Kitten Heels. My jeans are from Gap, the Cheeky Straight Jeans, my absolute favorite pair I own!! The cardigan was gift from my mom, and I adore how oversized it is.

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