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Source: TiktTok

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays is non-negotiable this summer. With experts emphasizing the importance of regular sunscreen application, staying diligent in maintaining your sun protection routine is crucial. However, we understand that keeping track of reapplication can be challenging, especially when juggling multiple tasks or caring for your little ones. But fear not! A revolutionary solution has taken the internet by storm. Say hello to UV stickers, the ultimate game-changer ensuring sunscreen stays effective throughout the day.

For all busy moms, these stickers are an absolute lifesaver when protecting your child's delicate skin. Nevertheless, the description is clear that it's safe for kids 3+ to wear. Mum-of-one Natalia Rodriguez shared the UV stickers on her TikTok, and the video has since been viewed more than 21 million times. After applying one of the purple stickers to her skin, she spread sun cream all over the exposed area - turning the sticker transparent. Later, the sticker turned purple again, signalling it was time to reapply. This incredible sticker can be found on Amazon under "UVIFY UV Stickers for Sunscreen," costing $12.99.

Source: Amazon

To start, peel a UV sticker from the pack and apply it to any exposed skin area. Then, slather your trusty sun cream, ensuring you cover the sticker and your skin evenly. As the sun's rays hit the sticker, it magically turns clear. But here's the genius part: when the sticker changes to a vibrant purple hue, it's your cue to reapply your sun cream. It's like having a personal sun safety assistant right on your skin!

The incredible benefits of UV stickers have left TikTok users in awe. Natalia, one of the platform's influential moms, shared her UV sticker experience, prompting an outpouring of excitement from her followers. Users couldn't help but express their amazement with comments like "No way, this is so cool!" and "This is genius! Where can I buy them?" Concerns about tan lines were quickly addressed, and Natalia assured her followers that the stickers didn't leave any noticeable marks. However, she playfully added, "But wouldn't a cute tan line be adorable?"

In another video showcasing the versatility of UV stickers, Natalia demonstrated their waterproof nature by running her hand under a tap. The stickers stayed securely in place, even when exposed to water. One grateful mom commented, "Perfect for kids! I need this for my little girl. I never know when I need to reapply until it's too late." Natalia empathized and shared her experience, revealing that she uses the stickers on her daughter's back to ensure she can't remove them. The result? Perfect sun protection for the little ones!

Source: TiktTok

It's important to mention that UV stickers last for around 12 hours or six sun cream applications. This means you don't need to use a new UV sticker each time you reapply sun cream. If the sticker doesn't turn clear after applying sun cream, your sunscreen may not be a high-enough SPF, it may have expired, or you may need to use more.

So, to remind you, UV stickers remind you when you need to reapply sun cream, but they cannot protect you from sun damage if you are not applying sun cream correctly. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends most adults need 1 ounce - or enough to fill a shot glass - of sun cream to cover their body entirely, and you should reapply sunscreen every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating.

UV stickers have revolutionized sun protection practices, providing a practical solution to the challenge of sunscreen reapplication. UV stickers allow you to bid farewell to guesswork and confidently enjoy the sun while safeguarding your skin. The popularity of these stickers on platforms like TikTok is a testament to their effectiveness and convenience, earning praise from users captivated by their ingenuity. Is it a good idea for you? Will you start using it, or don't you trust it? Although your response is a great opportunity, you should know which sunscreen you use!

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