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While Barbiecore continues to captivate our attention, a more understated and quietly influential aesthetic has reigned on social media. Known as quiet luxury, this trend has surged in popularity, drawing inspiration from pop culture moments like Succession, Gwyneth Paltrow's courtroom style, and Sofia Gringe Richie's wedding. As a result, quiet luxury has emerged as a close contender for the Aesthetic of the Summer.

Quiet luxury, referred to as stealth wealth, embodies an essence of sophistication through its focus on being expensive, minimalist, and high-quality. As with any aesthetic, quiet luxury has seamlessly transcended into our beauty routines, captivating our favorite celebrities and inspiring a wave of super-luxe hair trends this summer.

So, what exactly is quiet-luxury hair? It essentially encompasses the same principles of being expensive, minimalist, and high-quality but specifically applied to our hair color and style choices. Picture Jennifer Lawrence's exquisite honey-toned dye job paired with a simple yet chic black headband or Jennie Kim's soft black locks adorned with a satin bow, exuding an air of effortless elegance. Even Margot Robbie's ultra-shiny Barbie style blowouts during her press tour showcase the quiet luxury ideal, with their impeccable shine and flawless finish.

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Celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho, renowned for her work with stars like Ana de Armas, Mia Goth, and Anna Sawai, has observed a captivating shift in red-carpet glamour. A new wave of understated simplicity has emerged, where less is undeniably more. Cho passionately embraces this trend, as it embodies the essence of chic minimalism and the empowering art of restraint.

Quiet luxury finds its true expression in hair coloring through rich and luxurious brunette shades. Master colorist Shvonne Perkins highlights the shift towards a more minimalist approach in dye jobs, as quiet luxury emphasizes timeless and classic colors. Instead of chasing trends, we select a shade that complements our individuality. This resurgence of rich tones across all shade families exudes natural elegance with colors that effortlessly enhance our features. The essence of quiet-luxury hair colors lies in their understated and effortless allure, never appearing overdone.

The beauty of quiet-luxury hair lies in its simplicity and minimal effort. To effortlessly embrace this trend at home, we recommend starting with a clean and sleek base, allowing the quality of your hair to shine. Whether you opt for a classic center, chic side part, or even an elegant slicked-back style, simplicity is critical.

Once you have your polished base, it's time to elevate your look with the help of quality hair accessories. Consider incorporating abstract and intriguing shapes that add an artistic flair to your hairstyle. Alternatively, explore French tortoise hairpins such as the Gaios Hair Jaw Clip ($65) and the Balmain Hair Couture ($76) that exude classic elegance for a timeless touch. Whether you style your hair in a low, mid, or high ponytail, or secure it in a neat and clean knot, adding carefully selected hair accessories will elevate your look to new heights. These finishing touches will accentuate the beauty of quiet luxury, allowing your hair to become an expression of effortless elegance.

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Achieving a flawless quiet-luxury hair look involves more than just color and styling. To enhance the overall appeal, it's crucial to prioritize hair health and shine. Combatting frizz is vital, and we recommend incorporating frizz-taming products into your routine. One product we love is the Superzero Instant Shine and Anti Frizz Hair Serum Treatment Bar ($29). This potent serum not only adds a luminous shine but also helps to tame flyaways and provide those perfect finishing touches.

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When visiting the salon for a quiet-luxury hair transformation, clearly communicating your desires to your colorist is essential. Look for shades that offer multidimensionality without relying solely on traditional highlights. Madison Reed hair color specializes in this technique, offering shades that provide seamless gray coverage while incorporating one to two additional tones. This unique approach creates a multi-tonal effect, mimicking the look of a custom blend tailored to your style.

In the world of quiet luxury, hair becomes a canvas for understated elegance. Embrace this trend and let your hair reflect the essence of effortless sophistication. With its harmonious tones, effortless allure, and timeless appeal, quiet-luxury hair is a statement of refined beauty. So, embark on your quiet-luxury hair journey and revel in the captivating power of understated simplicity.

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