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UNDERCOVER released a single statement alongside the pictures for its Menswear Resort 2024.

“Undercover returns to the brand’s roots with Pre-Collection. With a focus on developing ‘Undercover-esque’ looks, overarching seasonal themes are replaced in favor of contemporary wear for everyday life.” Jun Takahashi did exactly that, no overarching themes, no experimental design, just basic, easy to wear clothing.

As it always has in the UNDERCOVER universe, classic staples reign supreme, and this collection took that idea maybe too far. UNDERCOVER Resort 2024 could be unceremoniously explained in whole just by saying, "double denim, leather, camp collar shirts, PVC, sweaters, and techy T-shirts". Still, there are some small details that can be appreciated, like a denim jacket that is adorned with multiple pockets and hemline zippers, creating an intriguing visual interplay with the shirt beneath. In several other looks, the brand uses embroidered details on button up shirts that make the items a little bit more interesting.

Source: Vogue

In an attempt to justify the UNDERCOVER price tag and have the clothing standout from the rack at a PacSun outlet store, the collection utilizes a blend of traditional fabrics with edgy materials. A black trench coat trimmed with leather marks the brand's nod to punk-ish fashion, while leather is also used to craft biker jackets and small carrying accessories. The brand's affection for PVC is evident through tinted clear overcoats and cardigan-style coverings, exuding a contemporary yet avant-garde appeal.

While some garments feature spliced elements and cut-and-repositioned graphics, the overall design remains approachable, ensuring that the collection is "fool-proof" and suitable for everyone. Yet, responses for the collection are mixed, with some praising it for being wearable, and other criticizing the toned-down nature of it.

In essence, UNDERCOVER's Resort 2024 menswear collection epitomizes contemporary clothing. It attempts to reimagine everyday essentials with an edgy UNDERCOVER twist, offering a wardrobe that never goes out of style. Takahashi's latest creations are meant to be timeless, fuss-free pieces that could be easily brought into any closet.

Source: Vogue

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