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When thinking about UGGs, most will associate them with a fuzzy boot, or perhaps a cozy slipper. This winter, UGGs made a crazy comeback, with their Tasman Slipper and Ultra Mini Platform selling out continuously over multiple months. This boost in popularity had UGGs seeing the most sales since the early 2000's when sheepskin boots first became trendy. However, this summer, UGG is venturing outside the norm and exploring new styles that are suitable for year-round wear. From clogs, to sandals, to heels, UGG might conquer every season with new products designed to keep buyers interested, even as temperatures start to rise.

FoamO Slide

Source: UGG

UGG is presenting its take on the Yeezy slide with a platform open-toe sandal, which is very reminiscent of the shoe line previously owned by Adidas. The shoe comes in seven different colors ranging from a Seaflow blue, to a Dragon Fruit Magenta. This silhouette, while providing a unique look that can make any outfit stand out of the crowd, could be the perfect pair for a pool day.

Goldenstar Cross Slide

Featured in colors Moss Green, Driftwood, and Black, the Goldenstar Cross Slide is a well structured strap sandal with a slight platform. UGG uses their signature SugarSole outsole, which provides gentle cushioning, while reducing the use of fossil fuels. The straps are made of velvet suede, giving a more luxurious feeling to the fabric. These sandals, while minimalistic, can elevate a casual look, pairing perfectly with a maxi skirt or pair of overall-shorts.

Marin Mega Lace

With brands such as Converse and Nike ruling the sneaker game, it's only necessary that UGG throws its hat in the ring as well. The Marin Mega Lace is a suede sneaker with a thick 2.25 inch platform. The shoe comes in three colors: Greyhound, Pita, and Seaflow. With this modern take on a casual sneaker, UGG is telling the world that they plan on continuing to be a top trend this summer.

Ashton Strappy Sandal

This summer is all about advancing current shoe styles to fit a growing need for differing silhouettes. This sandal, a twist on UGGs Ashton Boot, transforms the boot into warm weather. Featuring straps on the foot and around the ankle, this sandal is sure to have wearers receiving questions as to where they are from. The shoe comes in three different colors: Rosy Beige, Black, and Moss Green. For those looking to add more detail to this already intricate shoe, it also comes in a Heritage Braid style, which has patterns on the straps that are reminiscent of the constantly sold-out Tasman Slippers.

Aww Yeah Platform

If this shoe makes you have a verbal reaction, then it is aptly named. The Aww Yeahs are something that is way outside UGGs comfort zone. The sandal is an elevated version of their Sport Yeahs, with an amplified silhouette that will be sure to stand out no matter what it's worn with. The strap is removable, allowing the wearer to style it a variety of ways— with its four different color varieties-Black, Bright White, Summer Sky, and Strawberry Cream-there are endless possibilities with this far-out shoe.

UGGs aren't new, but they're working to provide fresh takes on their timeless branding. Their ever-popular furry boots make a seamless comeback every fall and winter, and now is looking to expand to year round wear. Whether you're a fan of these shoes or not, UGG is taking a bold new step to keep their audience rocking their apparel the entire calendar year.

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