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Source: Business Insider

Tyler Perry has never backed down from any challenge he's faced in his life. As he hustled his way into the entertainment industry, he always knew that he wanted to leave his footprint in the world as being the best at what he does. An actor, writer, director, motivational speaker, and simply being the moment has allowed him to be apart of an industry where there are no limits. On June 14th, Culture Central released a tweet that Perry bought Black Entertainment Television (BET) and VH1 for $400 million. This means that for the first time in 21 years, VH1 will be black owned, and BET will reclaim being black owned as well.

As Perry continues to make television shows and films, there were no limits to what he wanted to do with his legacy. In 2015, Perry opened Tyler Perry Studios, which is one the largest film studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The property was formerly known as the Fort McPherson confederate army base. Now, him buying BET and VH1 makes him more of a business mogul. Before Perry bought VH1 and BET, both companies started as a dream for others.

Source: Twitter

BET was previously owned by Robert Louis Johnson on January 25th, 1980. Johnson opened BET as a way for black underrepresented actors and actresses to gain opportunities in the entertainment industry. He remained CEO of BET until 2006, where Paramount Global took over BET. VH1 was founded on January 1, 1985, founded by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment. In 2003, Paramount Global took over VH1 as well.

Tyler Perry has created opportunities for African American actors and actresses in his films, TV shows, and plays. As he continues to create opportunities for the seen and the unseen, Perry buying BET and VH1 is the first step in his career that made him one of the highest paid entertainers of all time. He has not mentioned what he was going to do with the companies yet, but if anyone knows his story of success, we know that this is a step to elevation in the entertainment industry.

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