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A niche group of TikTokers have become trend forecasters and have been showing off their newfound talents for quite some time now. These influencers attempt to predict what is going to be new and trendy in the fashion world and pop culture. The interesting thing about this group of TikTokers is whether or not they are actually in tune with what’s trending or if they are attempting to set a trend themselves. There are a few that have become popular and gotten relatively good at what they do, but there are many others who have no clue what constitutes what it means for something to truly be trending.


Mandy Lee also known as @olderloserinbrooklyn on TikTok reps herself as a fashion writer and analyst. She covers everything from eating disorders and body dysmorphia to high-end fashion shows and trends. The positive thing about her is that whenever she speaks about fashion it feels like she actually knows what she’s talking about.

In December of 2022, she put out a TikTok attempting to predict the trends of the upcoming year. She spoke about how personal style will reign supreme due to the fact that there are so many micro trends out there. In terms of consumer fashion, this does ring true. In terms of designer fashion, she predicted that gimmicks and novelty items would come back into play, which does translate to what we have seen so far in the scape of fashion this year. Her ideas and predictions definitely are in line with what we are currently seeing and will most likely be seeing in the fashion world.


Anya better known as @fashunadict on TikTok considers herself a trend analyst. She primarily covers consumer trends and examples of how to style outfits correctly. It seems that her account is more focused on her own style and her own brand.

Most recently, she has been discussing which trends are purely made for the internet and which you will actually see out and about in real life. Despite her insights in the video ringing true, the trend forecaster title seems a bit much for this TikToker. The majority of her account in total is very biased towards her own style and doesn't really encompass the entirety of mainstream fashion. While her style is very cute and edgy it comes off as somewhat niche and limited. Almost all of her videos are about her own personal style while only one in five of her posts are about mainstream fashion.


Kendall Becker is definitely one of the trend forecasters with a larger audience. She describes herself as an editor, podcast host, and trend forecaster. Becker covers the majority of mainstream fashion and beauty trends while also posting a section on her own lifestyle as well. Her account gives off New York fashion girl vibes through and through.

In total, her videos are a mixture of her own fashion opinions, an accurate idea of what day-to-day trends are, fashion news and updates, and bits and pieces of her own life. If anyone can be considered a trend forecaster, Kendall Becker definitely fits the bill. She stays within the news and the trends and truly seems to immerse herself in the everyday fashion scene. Her videos are upbeat and seem to be completely accessible to everyone, even people who have no idea what is going on in the fashion world.

It is clear from the three trend forecasters mentioned that there is a divide within this group of TikTokers. On one side, there are those who genuinely aim to predict and share the latest trends in fashion, offering valuable insights to their followers. On the other side, there are those who mainly focus on their own niche style and growing their following, presenting themselves as trend forecasters despite not having a broader perspective on mainstream fashion. While this approach is not necessarily wrong, it may be misleading for those seeking accurate and insightful trend forecasts.

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