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Natural hair is one of the most unique aspects of any woman of color. It's very important to take care of your hair in the best way possible. One of the main ways to protect your natural hair is through protective styling. The most popular and beautiful protective styles are box braids. Box braids is one of the best protective styles for natural hair. There are so many styles that you can use with box braids such as updos and laid back styles. Box braids is a very good protective style, but it's very important to manage your braids. Here are some tips to help make your braids last longer:

1. Protect Your Braids At Night!

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Your braids should always be wrapped up in a silk bonnet or scarf. If you don't wrap up your hair, it can cause frizz and and cause it to unravel quickly. Silk has a great essential to natural hair and protective styles. After you finish your braiding regimen, put that silk bonnet or scarf on, and head to bed!

2. Keep Everything Moisturized!

From you scalp to the braids itself, it's very important to keep your hair moisturized. Any essential oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, or olive oil, any oil is useful for moisture for your scalp and hair. Oil promotes growth and shine for your braids.

3. Wash Your Braids

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Just like how your natural hair, it's important to wash your braids. However, when it comes to box braids, you should only wash your braids at least once to twice a month. Make sure that your shampoo and conditioner contain the nutrients that you need for your hair.

4. Freshen Your Braids Up

There comes a time where your braids will frizz up. Especially in the front where your edges are. When the front starts to fizz up, first make sure that you wash your edges if you used any edge control. After that, use your normal braiding gel and rebrand the from two it can have a fresh clean look.

5. Style With Care

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Previously said, with box braids, styling can be very flexible. From updos to fancy braids, any style with box braids gives the unique look that any girl can have. However, when it comes to styling, there are things that you need to consider. For instance, when it comes to updos, you need to consider your edges. If not, then there is a chance where you can damage your edges or ripping your hair out. When you style, style with care.

6. Proper Braid Regimen

Your braids should definitely have a regimen . With this consistency, you keep the moisture and shine. Some of the steps that you should involve with this is, oiling your scalp and hair, putting in mousse that contains conditioner and moisture, use hairspray with conditioner, then wrap those braids up!

7. Protect Your Edges

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Your edges are the gateway to help with your hair growth. When you style, install, and take out your braids, put your edges first! make sure that you comb out your edges when you install, and you get to style them. After you're done, make sure you clean your edges so it can remain clean and moisturized. As you take the braids down, keep your edges in mind.

8. Dip The Ends

After you finish installing your braids, dipping your ends is essential as a sealant. As you are about to finish your braids, start boiling water and get a towel ready. When you dip your ends, leave it in the water for 10-15 seconds. You can dip your ends even when you wear your braids.

9. Trim Fly Aways

If you finish installing your braids, or you've been wearing your braids for a while, trimming the flys is the small hairs that stick out in your braids. It's important to take small scissors and go along the braid. Be careful as you're cutting off the fly aways and not cutting your own hair. If it's not yours, don't go near it!

10. Known When It's Time To Take Them Out

Box braids are manageable and cute. However, when the braids are all the way frizzed up, it's time to take them out. Box braids should last from 6-8 weeks. Anything more than that can damage your hair and gain build up.

Source: Pinterest

Previously said, box braids are beautiful and protecting. It gives your natural hair the break that it needs. However, it's very important to take care of your braids while they're installed. If you follow the tips, your braids will last neatly and beautifully!

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