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It's total darkness. Pitch black. A few seconds in, colorful lights begin to flash, revealing some of Tom Ford's best fashion creations of all time. The iconic, the memorable, and the controversial, all on display one last time.

It was a moment that put a perfect bookend on his line's creative direction. Posted online on April 26th, Tom Ford's final collection was a reissue of his favorite and most iconic looks over his 13 years of designing womenswear for his eponymous line. The announcement of his departure was quiet, but made a bold statement. The looks in this collection are all special to Ford, and serve an ode to his line's iconic womenswear collections of the past.

Source: Tom Ford on YouTube

Sequins, glitz, and glamour. This archive collection has it all. Ford is known best for his statements with color and shine, and this collection did not disappoint in that regard. The sculpted breastplate worn by Zendaya, his iconic sequined gowns, and saturated colors that'd draw in the eyes of anyone. And of course, velvet and leopard print. All of these garments have been significant to Ford's eponymous line.

Some of these motifs were recurring, such as the animal prints, velvet, and expertly tailored blazers. But some of these pieces that Ford deemed iconic enough to replicate were one-offs from just one collection. For example, the breastplate from the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The reissue of this piece is not a replica of the breastplate from the original collection, but instead a redux of the exact one Zendaya wore. Now retailing on his website for $29,900, this is sure to be a sought after piece by collectors and die-hard fashion fanatics.

Source: Tom Ford on YouTube

The collection did not walk down a runway, but rather was posted to Tom Ford's Instagram and YouTube. While it would have been nice to see Ford's most glorious pieces strut down a catwalk one final time, the videos served to pay homage to his aesthetic and brand DNA. The videos also allowed him to include himself in the experience, which was a nice touch.

Ford has always been involved in the experience of his brand, and without him at the helm of his line, it will be interesting to see the direction of the company going forward.

Source: Tom Ford on YouTube

Ford's departure comes following the sale of his company for $2.8 billion to Estee Lauder back in November of 2022. Since this sale, there have been rumors of his exit. This final collection seemed like Ford's closing of this chapter in his life. The archive was a perfect selection of Tom Ford's pieces that summarize all of his glorious impact on the industry over the past 13 years. One thing is for

sure— Ford will be sorely missed.

As the creative director of his own eponymous line, Tom Ford changed the world of fashion. He consistently brought classic glitz and glamour to the runway in a way that remained current. The modern power suit, jewel tones, and sequins will never be the same. We don't know what Ford's next move is, but we are sure that he will bring the excellence and passion that he brings to everything with him.

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