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Tom Ford is a man who has directed films, created a line of cosmetics, and developed his own fashion brand. Ford's work ethic resembles that of a super-computer constantly calculating its next move, although he always ensures to set aside time to relax— he once notoriously took four hot baths a day, which has recently been decreased to one in the name of time management.

Tom Ford for Gucci Dress. Source: Getty Images

The career move that truly propelled Ford to widespread notoriety was his appointment as creative director of Gucci in 1994, where he worked for ten years. During this time, he was also appointed creative director of Yves Saint Laurent after the brand was acquired by Gucci. Ford's creations from this era are some of the most sought after fashion pieces of all time, as Ford's time as creative director changed the trajectory of Gucci entirely.

Throughout his tenure at Gucci, Tom Ford created countless iconic pieces, some of which are even listed on resale websites for upwards of $30,000. This era of Gucci clothing is frequently pulled from archives to grace the red carpets again for countless celebrity appearances, even the Met Gala.

Following his departure from Gucci, Ford launched his own beauty and eyewear line in 2006. Tom Ford Beauty was quick to spark controversy, with a cologne ad from 2007 receiving criticism for being too sexual. The advertisement features a bottle of men's cologne directly between a woman's bare legs. Despite this, Ford's beauty line began to flourish. With iconic releases still popular today such as Black Orchid perfume and Spanish Pink lip color, Tom Ford Beauty's legacy was established.

Ford's eponymous fashion line launched a few years later, with his first collection being for Spring of 2011. This line was focused on Ford's own vision, as opposed to delivering his vision for Gucci or Saint Laurent. This collection was met with mixed reviews. Some critics loved the collection, others loathed it.

The line has been releasing two collections a year ever since, with many glitzy handbags, stunning breastplates, and memorable shoes being the highlights. Female empowerment and high glamour are always at the center of Ford's collections. The jewel tones that Tom Ford features in many collections serve as a callback to his roots at Gucci, and the female empowerment seems to be a motif unique to Ford's line.

Tom Ford's legacy doesn't stop at fashion, however. The film A Single Man, released in 2009 saw Ford credited as a director, producer, and writer. This film scored 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. In 2016, Ford released the film Nocturnal Animals, which he had produced, written, and directed. This film was well received by critics, scoring 74% on Rotten Tomatoes and earning a Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival.

From films to flawless fashion, Ford flummoxes his audience with endlessly spectacular content in a variety of industries. His fans are always left wondering if his next project will be a fashion launch, a beauty release, a movie premiere, or a foray into an entirely new industry. Ford's drive and passion that he puts into all of his projects is incredibly admirable. It's this drive and passion that ensures that no matter which industry he attempts to tackle next, his success will be imminent.

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