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The recent death of Tina Turner shook the entire music industry. We will always remember her as the Queen of Rock and Roll. From her musical evolution, to her story of survival, and getting her power back, she never disappointed us for one second in journey. However, if there is one thing that Turner was known for, it was her sense of fashion. Every outfit that she had for each performance always showed her evolution.

As Turner expressed her personality through her iconic outfits, we see her with the similarities with what she brings. With each outfit, she brings the spark. Whether it's sequins and fringe, or even a rock and roll outfit with stockings, Turner's unapologetic look and voice made the fans want more of her in every performance.

Look #1: YouTube Look #2: Women's Wear Daily Look #3: What's Love Got To Do With It

One of her best outfits was in 1970, where she performed her most famous song, Proud Mary on The Ed Sullivan Show. Designed by Loris Azzaro, Turner's gold sequined fringe dress accentuates every aspect in her performance and her figure. Every time she has a dance break, the dress moved with her as a sense of passion. She also had white shoes with gold fringe in the front to accessorize her dress as well. To complete the look, she wears a voluminous straight wig, for this was her look for every perfromance.

This is one of her top looks, because of the way the dress moved with her. As if the dress was hypnotized by her stardom. However, during this time she was with her late ex-husband, Ike Turner. It was said that during this time, she was very unhappy, but once she got on stage, she wowed the crowd. Not knowing what she was going through behind closed doors.

The second outfit that took everyone's breath away was the famous flame dress. The flame dress was created by the one and only Bob Mackie in 1978, this was one of her prized possessions. Her and Bob Mackie shared a beautiful relationship for many years that share their interest and love for fashion. She performed with this dress countless times, including a performance at Luna Park in 1979 singing Fire Down Below. As the red, orange, and mesh sequin dress is snatched within the waist, and sequin fringe at the bottom gives her performance an extra spunk. Not only does she bring it with the powerful voice, but her dress brings everything all together.

The ensemble amplifies Turner as a solo artist. As her solo career continued to take off, so does her look. But mostly importantly, this dress would bring inspiration to other artists as well. This dress would give other artists the chance to pay tribute to her in their performances as well. Performers such as Cher and Beyonce use this dress as well for their own performances.

Her third and final iconic outfit comes from her music video, What's Love Got To Do With It which was released in 1984. shows her independent style. With her jean jacket, black tank top, leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and black pumps, she rocked this look for the entire music video. To enhance the look, she has a white pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and her famous blonde mullet.

Previously said, this is another one of her top looks, becauase she found her freedom from her abusive husband. She created a sound that was her own, not controlled by anyone. As she sang her groundbreaking song, she not only not talked about the general chemistry of two people without feelings for each other, but this song was the start of something new in her musical journey.

Source: Fashionista

After the death of Tina Turner, people wonder about her couture outfits and belongings. It's stated that her famous 1997 Versace dress, created by Wayne Scot Lukas, will be sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) treatment at Miami Beach Art Basel. It is said that Lukas's worried about the dress, because it came late on the night of her 1997 performance in Paris. However, with the design of the dress and his convincing ways, she performed with the dress. Now, this dress will be up for auction during Miami Art Week on November 30th.

When the world saw Tina Turner with other iconic outfits, there is something different about her as an artist. She truly had the total package. From the outfits, to the performances, and even her story of abuse and pain, we see her in her own image. We see her personality, her fire, her willingness to perform even after the pain and suffering she had with her ex-husband. Her passion for perform was always present.

Tina Turner, thank you for being simply the best.

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