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Blair Waldorf once said, "Tights are not pants," or are they? With such an on-and-off climate this season, it is difficult to decide what to wear because of the weather. Especially now that it’s winter, tights are the ideal item to have in your closet this season— and even better, you don’t have to wear pants either!

Source: Gossip Girl

Tights as pants is nothing new since inspiration arose from models like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. This impulsive sheer look is a bold move in any climate — the ultimate trendsetters will take this fad to the next level.

Source: Cosmopolitan, Hailey Bieber January 2023

As seen on Bieber, she decides to style her tights as pants with a large oversized jacket to complete her all-black chic look. The white socks are a perfect complement to the full outfit since it is casual. Bieber polishes off the look by adding a shoulder bag and brown sunglasses. Even though she is wearing a mini skirt over her tights, Bieber still pulls off the 'tights as pants' outfit by pairing it with some classic leather loafers and ankle-high socks.

In need of a pair of tights for this trend? Take a pair of Neon 40 black Wolford tights, which are high-quality and comfortable to match Bieber's vibe. Wolford has many combinations of patterned and colored tights that are also sustainable.

Source: Wolford

Sporting any pair of tights seems to be in fashion this season and is now carrying over into spring. Whether they are patterned, colored, or polka-dotted— tights can elevate your outfit while keeping you warm all at the same time.

These Face Logo Tights from Acne Studios are such a statement that you will be turning heads both on and off the street. You can wear it with an oversized sweater, blazer, or dress to show these off in a fun and eccentric way. Since these are such a fun accessory, wearing them on their own is so easy.

Source: Acne Studios

Colored and patterned tights are making their way into the new year with a monochromatic theme that is attributed to Ferragamo’s Spring 2023 show. This simple add-on is able to take your look from looking drab to fab!

Source: Anthropologie

These mint-colored tights from Anthropologie give off the GG energy while also alluding to Waldorf's rule. If you're looking for a pop of color in your wardrobe, these can boost your outfit with a cute platform or loafer.

Tights as pants may be Waldorf's worst nightmare, but we can't help but to partake in this fashionable fad. Whether they are monochrome, patterned, or plain old solid tights they will always be the ultimate accessory in your wardrobe if you choose to wear them as pants or not. I am all for this trend and will have to challenge Waldorf on this one.

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