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Each day, before our very eyes, beauty trends are evolving. The 2010s brought about the rise of beauty gurus and blocky brows, extreme highlighter, and cut crease eyeshadow. Despite the large scale of these trends, they were gone as quickly as they came. As the evolution of beauty continues, we find ourselves looking to the past for inspiration. While the Y2K influence became more and more embedded in the 2020s, our trends began to overlap. From the makeup in TV shows to the hairstyles being worn on red carpets, beauty trends have become increasingly altered by the resurgence of Y2K aesthetics. Here is a breakdown of the chicest 2000s beauty trends that have come back in full force!

1. Bright, Frosted Eyeshadow

Source: Grazia and Allure

Frosted eyeshadows were popularized two decades ago by pop culture icons, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton. Usually in shades of blue, pink, and green, these shiny statement shadows were all the rage. Since the rise of Y2K style, this eyeshadow trend has made a major wave in the beauty world, on the likes of Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo. The metallic eyeshadow trend even made its way to the runway for KNWLS SS23 RTW. Considering the recent uptick in the use of metallic fabrics and chrome nail polish, of course it is making an appearance in beauty!

2. Glossy Lips with Visible Liner

Source: Cosmopolitan and @theestallion

Welcome back, lipgloss! Often in combination with dark liners, lipgloss dominated the early 2000s. Both of these trends have made a stunning reappearance recently. A glossy lip coming back into style was embraced with open arms after the matte lipstick trend of the 2010s, one that most people were very excited to say goodbye to! Megan Thee Stallion is just one of the big names sporting this combo, and it was seen most recently on her iconic Forbes cover. Whether or not you are channeling Y2K these days, this lip could be a great addition to your beauty routine!

3. Copious Amounts of Blush

Source: Cosmopolitan and Vogue

The rise of heavy blush has been so prominent, and this can be traced back to the 2000s as well. The sunburn blush trend which rose in popularity recently, a more dramatic version of the Sunkissed blush look that was encouraged in the past. This evolved version of the Y2K blush trend involves adding blush to the bridge of the nose to further create the illusion of sunburn. In a video for Vogue, Doja Cat showed her extreme blush technique and said, "I like to look like I'm freezing cold." Whether you are trying to look sunburnt, freezing cold, or somewhere in between, this blush trend might be perfect for you!

4. Baby Braids

Source: MamaMia and @haileybieber

When it comes to hair, this era had plenty to offer. One hair trend that is re-emerging now is baby braids. This look can be achieved simply by adding a few tiny braids throughout the hair, whether it is with an updo or just as a way to add a little flair to your regular hairdo. Baby braids made a famous reappearance back in 2019 when Margot Robbie wore the look to the Cannes Film Festival. Both Glamour and Vogue called this a trend to look out for just last year, and has since been worn by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

5. The Infamous Thin Brow

Source: Today and The Guardian

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people shaving down their eyebrows in 2003 and having them never fully grow back, but this didn’t stop the trend from reappearing. Where people thinned out their actual brows in the 2000s, recent trends have seen a rise in people covering up their actual eyebrows with concealer (and sometimes glue!) and drawing on new ones. This method was heavily inspired and taught by drag queens, who have commonly glued down their brows for decades. Thin brows have had such a large reach that it even found its way to the runways for Vivienne Westwood’s SS23 show. This has even evolved to the point where eyebrows are becoming nonexistent, a la the bleached brow trend.

As trends come and go, it is important to look at their lasting impact and the way they evolve into next season’s trends. A moment in time is not just that, especially in the fast-paced world of social media. It has never been easier to start and spread trends, and beauty is a prime example of that. Though we might not be embodying the Y2K aesthetic forever, its influence on beauty may be seen for years to come.

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