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Fashion trends come and go, but quiet luxury remains a constant. It is a form of high-end fashion that speaks volumes through its understated elegance, careful craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Quiet luxury is all about quality over quantity, focusing on creating timeless pieces that will never go out of style. It is soft and tactile, beige and grey, and, as Vogue describes it, “it’s less austere than minimalism but more polished than ‘normcore.’Confused? We admit that it’s not an easy aesthetic to pin down, but if we know one thing, it’s that quiet luxury is a look that will stand the test of time, as it’s essentially a synonym for elevated basics.

We can say that this term grew due to the show Succession. The HBO drama centers on the dysfunctional Roy family, headed by patriarch Logan Roy, who owns the billion-dollar media giant Waystar RoyCo. It's a darkly comic series about the struggle for control within a troubled media company, poignantly illustrating the dangers of inherited wealth. Through the show's four seasons, its protagonists have established what that quiet luxury implies through their understated, preppy styles.

Source: Glamour

Shiv, the only daughter of the Roy Family, controls the screen in fitted suits, knit dresses, turtlenecks, and the sporadic cocktail dress—all in her color codes of gray, black, brown, and beige—occasionally adding pinstripes, houndstooth patterns or pastel hues. Despite wearing a simple outfit, her heritage looks show she is a wealthy power player without having to speak louder than a whisper. Succession costume designer Michelle Matland revealed she sourced a lot of Shiv's season one piece from contemporary clothing brand Theory, which gives fans some insight into what style constitutes quiet luxury — and its price tag.

If you want to be seen and feel like a Succession character there are plenty of options. The trend focuses on garments with sophisticated cuts and materials, emphasizing craftsmanship, which are worn in solid colors. The Row is a benchmark in terms of quiet luxury, with timeless coats that sell for prices between approximately 3,000 and 12,500 dollars, as are the houses Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Max Mara, and Loro Piana.

If you're having trouble visualizing it, we've compiled a list of famous people that embody quiet luxury below so you can understand what it means and begin using it.

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie is the style icon we look to the most for sophisticated, sleek inspiration. Since her string of wedding ensembles that undoubtedly compete for the title of the most fashionable pre-wedding, actual wedding, and honeymoon attire ever, the 24-year-old newlywed has emerged as the unofficial face of 2023's quiet luxury trend. She has now taught us how to take the popular trend and make it very comfy to do errands daily without effort. Lionel Richie's daughter stepped out in Los Angeles sporting a bright red cashmere cardigan from It-girl label The Row over wide-leg sweatpants and a fitted black round-neck top.

Source: Elle

Gwyneth Paltrow

Two months ago, the American actress and creator of the wellness lifestyle company Goop attracted much attention since the world saw her real-life turmoil. Many people found the absurd subject of the luxury resort trial amusing, and GP's court appearance was properly observed. Like Shiv Roy, Gwyneth was spotted wearing unassuming outfits without any evident labels. When netizens later dissected these outfits, they discovered they were worth over USD 4000 per look. The actress has even introduced a range of products for Goop that resemble quiet luxury, with an average starting price of roughly USD 300 per item.

Source: Gwyneth Paltrow's Instagram

The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are indispensable on any quiet luxury celebrity list because they are synonymous with the term because of how they dress and their fashion label, The Row. Although the twins have never overtly promoted the brand, being shrouded in anonymity, they have nonetheless established themselves as style icons in their own right, frequently to the point that the intrigue around them is essential to the appeal. People buy The Row items because its good, and the fact that these strange, mysterious women are behind them makes it more intriguing. According to The Times, their unbranded USD 3000 coats have been seen on celebrities like Katie Holmes and Zoë Kravitz, and they "look like those someone intelligent and powerful would wear."

Left to Right: The Olsen Twins, Source: L'Officiel; The Row SS23, Source: The Row

Victoria Beckham

Since her days as a member of the Spice Girls, when she rightfully earned the nickname "Posh," Victoria Beckham has been known to appreciate fashion. She not only married David Beckham and gave birth to a Dream Team of kids since then, but she has also started her own clothing line in her name. Although the fashion enthusiast's sense of style has changed since her days in a girl band, her interpretation of quiet luxury still incorporates a lot of clean lines and colors with the occasional twist in shape or structure for added edge. It offers both authentic and contemporary peaceful luxury. Victoria Beckham, after all, is renowned for wearing a basic hoodie on her days off, even though it's an almost USD 1900 Tom Ford hoodie.

Left to Right: Victoria Beckham, Source: British Vogue; Victoria Beckham SS23, Source: Vogue

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

Olivia Palermo, the actress of The City and the creator of the Olivia Palermo Group, is renowned and adored for her classic style and a prime illustration of how understated luxury can yet incorporate splashes of color. While Palermo does occasionally want to experiment, she embodies the serene luxury with a playful edge of the millennial generation. She frequently appears with her husband Johannes Huebl at opulent resorts throughout Europe, wearing turtlenecks and silent expensive jackets and blazers. Huebl is also used to wearing a quiet luxury timepiece.

Source: Instagram Source: Fashion Bomb Daily Source: Pinterest

Quiet luxury has grown to the point that not only the Roy family use it, but also celebrities in order to feel and be part of this luxurious lifestyle. With their high quality and price, these pieces can last for many years, up to your whole life if you use them in a safe and good manner. So, what are you waiting for to change your wardrobe to a quiet luxury mood?

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