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As the warmer months approach, hair trends transform accordingly. With people chopping their hair to welcome the spring and summer, there is one question on everyone's mind. Is the bob back in style? Will long hair continue to dominate the beauty scene or are we in the midst of a short hair renaissance? Long hair has long since represented glamor and beauty, but the last few months have seen a rise in influential women cutting their hair. Here are some of the it-girls that are pushing the short hair trend this year!

Emma Chamberlain

Source: @emmachamberlain

Emma Chamberlain's transition from YouTube to the world of high fashion seemed like an impossible task, but now that she has done it successfully, there is nothing she can't do. After debuting her shaggy bob last year, Emma has been in the forefront of all of the short hair inspo posts. Being that she is one of the most influential women on the internet and a favorite of Gen Z, it is clear that anything she does will stick (remember the brown sherpa jacket?), and this haircut is no different! From the cover of GQ to the Vanity Fair Oscar's Party red carpet, Emma's bob is all over the place.

Hailey Bieber

Source: @haileybieber

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Hailey Bieber is a trendsetter. From the viral glazed donut nails to the brownie glazed lips that were beloved on TikTok, her beauty tips and tricks have been sweeping the internet like no other. After rocking long hair for years, Hailey announced her chop on Instagram earlier this year. The comments were flooded with love from her celebrity friends and fans alike. Since this stunning debut, this bob has graced the cover of Vogue Australia and caught the eyes of many. If her other viral beauty moments are anything to go by, it is safe to say this might be the year of the bob.

Laura Harrier

Source: @lauraharrier

Actress Laura Harrier is another it-girl that has embraced the short hair trend recently! Since her iconic 2022 Met Gala look, Laura has been on the trend radar more than ever. She took to the cover of Cosmopolitan last year sporting a bob, and the short hair inspo has been abundant ever since. Whether she is walking a red carpet or simply grocery shopping, her hair has everyone reaching for the scissors so they too can join the short hair renaissance.

Kourtney Kardashian

Source: @kourtneykardash

As a member of one of the most influential families in pop culture, Kourtney Kardashian has the world watching her every move. One of her latest, glorious platinum blonde bob! This hairdo was first debuted just last month, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. She has since shared various pictures with her new hair on social media, and it seems the world is loving it. If a Kardashian is in on a trend, there's a good chance it will only grow from there!


Source: @zendaya

If any of these did not convince you to cut your hair, this last one might do the trick! As one of the biggest actresses right now, Zendaya is highly influential. Late last year, she took to Instagram to show off her haircut, and everyone from Vera Wang to the girl you went to school with was in the comments praising the new look. Ever since the chop, she has been giving the world nonstop hair inspo! From the NAACP Image Awards to the SAG Awards, every red carpet Zendaya steps on is graced by her luxurious new hairdo. And if Zendaya calls for a short hair spring, who are we to disagree?

With all of the it-girls embracing short hair this season, it is hard to ignore the resurgence of the bob. As we enter a new year of hair trends, we might finally be seeing the end of super long hair and extreme extensions on red carpets and magazine covers. So grab your scissors and or book your haircut appointment because the short hair renaissance is upon us!

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