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Source: Instagram

The release of Beyonce's latest album, RENAISSANCE, has everyone heading straight to the dance floor. Songs such as "BREAK MY SOUL," and "CUFF IT," has become an internet sensation. The most exciting part of this entire album was the announcement of the RENAISSANCE TOUR.

On February 1st, a year after the album was released, she posted a picture of her on her famous glass horse saying, “RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR 2023.” The entire BeyHive nation expressed their excitement and joy as they wait for the greatest entertainer of all time takes the stage after a seven-year sabbatical.

Source: Instagram

In June 2022, Beyonce would announce her album release for the the month of July. And to enhance that excitement, Beyonce released RENAISSANCE boxes on her website that had the album and a surprise t-shirt of the cover. The anticipation of Beyonce's return to the music industry had all of us waiting for the biggest comeback she’s made.

Even with her previous album, BLACK IS KING, inspired by the 2019 live action Disney film, The Lion King, we still wanted to see her on the stage once again. Beyonce gave us a taste of what we will hear weeks before the album released, by releasing BREAK MY SOUL as a single, which then became an internet sensation. After a couple weeks, RENAISSANCE was born.

Beyonce’s RENAISSANCE album fits into the techno pop genre. We all know Beyonce to be within the pop and R&B category, but this new era in her life has truly shifted her musical career into an empowering change. As she evolves, the BeyHive evolves with her.

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Before she reaches The United States, she will be performing in places such as Sweden, Paris, London, etc. The entire world is ready to see Beyonce once again since her LEMONADE tour. Beyonce will be giving us songs from the RENAISSANCE album, and take us down memory lane by performing songs such as: Dangerously in Love, Sweet Dreams, Love on Top, and 7/11.

This album and tour is not just about Beyonce getting back into her musical career, this album is also about us. Us living life to the fullest and being proud of who we are in our own identities. We continue to wait for Beyonce to reach our hometown as she wows us once again with her three-hour performance. As we wait, we anticipate seeing one of the greatest entertainers of all time in our generation take the stage!

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