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This season's menswear Prada collection was without a doubt: phenomenal and futuristic. The Prada Fall '23 Menswear show made its debut at the Deposito di Fondazione in Milan last week which was designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. The ceaseless accessory used throughout was the classic Prada loafer. Though the pieces speak for themselves, the uproar of excitement came from the attendance of Enhyphen, the Korean based boy-band composed of seven members who brought their swarm of fans along with them.

The show, along with its ambiance of the Fondazione, left a prominent remark on the audience because of the minimalistic ideologies of Prada and Simons. This season's collection was called Let's Talk About Clothes which the ensemble certainly expresses through its trench coats and blazers. The return of the bomber jacket is shown to offset and balance the familiarity with suits and pointed collars in Prada's menswear. An unbuttoned cardigan or the absence of a shirt was seen frequently on the models and developed a theme for Prada and Simon's vision.

Source: Vogue Runway

In previous collections, we have seen Prada's floating collar but this reverberated their signature look as it bounced off the models as they walked. The element of suede is seen frequently to add to the component of warmth which is shown in these fall pieces. Color and texture were essential to this show as they are used with each garment to compete with the dramatic and earthy tones.

Some of the models held totes, which looked close to a giant flask with a structured cast-steel box shape. Box-like silhouettes was another theme Prada featured in their show to formulate the masculinity the designers were aiming for in their menswear collection this season. The variety of color spoke to the concept of Prada and Simon's designs and embarked on a journey that explores gender and formality.

Source: Vogue Runway

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