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Ming Ma’s Shanghai Spring 2023 show was filled with whimsical florals and a pronounced palette to offset their show this season. Ma’s take on this year’s spring wardrobe brings a sense of romance and delicacy throughout the collection that illustrates women’s power and beauty. Through his designs, you can see the inspiration he takes from 1910’s brassiere and the rising trend of the corset.

Source: Vogue Runway

The elevated pointed shoe adds a touch of gold which fits with Ma’s aesthetic designs. He builds on an element of femininity by adding nodes of blooming flowers on dresses that are inspired by today's modernized look. The component of ballet is seen frequently to keep up with spring’s historic and nostalgic trend. A-line dresses and strapless minis were Ma’s main garment that was showcased frequently throughout the ensemble. Ma features pieces that can be worn day-to-day instead of just on the runway and enhances detailing for his dainty silhouettes.

The main focus of Ma’s collection incorporates delicacy and elegance of women that are expressed in his designs. Ma transforms the idea of corsets and brings a new concept to tea-length and mini pouf dresses with embroidered florals and looks of lace.

Ma's designs embark on the romance and style of the 1910’s which are shown and embodied in the making of this show. There is a sense of harmony throughout his pieces which ties everything together with embroidered looks of lace and florals.

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