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The Spring/Summer 2023 Kenzo show features a slew of sailor motifs that satisfy the viewer's eye. A nautical theme is often touched on in spring and summer collections, and while cliché, can serve its purpose when utilized properly. Nigo definitely knew how to use this theme to the advantage of Kenzo, and while this collection lacked innovation, it made up for it with its use of these classic nautical motifs.

Source: GoRunway

In this collection, Kenzo takes their classic themes and mixes them with modern day streetwear styling to create wearable and playful looks that amuse without straying far from the brand's roots. One thing this collection did especially well was the headpieces. Berets, sailor caps, bucket hats, and newsboy caps could be seen walking down the runway, all in colors that perfectly complimented the pieces they were styled with.

Source: GoRunway

Pastel blues, whites, and navies have certainly piqued the interest of many. If innovation in the form of color was added to these sailor motifs, the collection could have brought in a wider audience. Kenzo instead decided to play into the audience that they already curated, satisfying those who know the brand. With or without more color, this collection was classic, chic, and we cannot wait to see what Kenzo has to bring for the Fall/Winter season.

Source: GoRunway

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