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Photos Provided by Dundu.n

An event occurred in Soho on May 29th, inspired by Callum Morton's sculptural work and the movie "The Menu," an exhibition that included 20 excellent designers. Callum Morton is knowns for blurring the lines between sculpture and architecture. His specific work, the Eastlink Hotel, inspired the exhibition. The Menu is a dark comedy thriller about a young couple who travels to a remote island to eat at an exclusive fine dining restaurant where the chef prepares a menu with some twists, with a side of murder.

In this immersive experience, they served designs focused on innovation instead of serving food. Not a traditional fashion showcase with various independent designers making for a diverse range— a display of smaller NYC brands being spotlighted and made for an engaging event. The location's entrance has a sign stating "you are the lab rat," not only the title of the exhibition but a disclaimer that you are a part of the experience.

The exhibition included jewelry and clothing brands; Beadaholic, Mona Jewelry, Yuan Field, TIN TIN TINT, d'Francisco Jewelry, SOOD, Dopl World, Xiong Wei, Softnoise, Xiaowu Zheng,, Baronesa Hats, Cookie H., Wen, Xinyu Zheng, Tarpley, Amihan, Sia Fang, Bozhao Man, Joya Ma, and Alice's Brain. These designers focus on moving away from fast fashion with a focus on craftsmanship. This exhibition explored the relationship between public and private space and the lines between reality and illusion.

Photos Provided by Dundu.n


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