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Nike is collaborating yet again with luxury brand Jacquemus to present the duo's iteration of the classic Air Force 1. This new spin on one of the sport apparel brand's best seller is set to release in the upcoming weeks, and has sneaker-heads hyped.

Nike and Jacquemus previously teamed up in 2022 to produce a line, releasing both apparel and sneakers. The two seamlessly merged their differing aesthetics to create "sporty chic" clothing that ranged from tennis dresses to biker skorts. This collection, while produced by a luxury brand, was priced differently from Jacquemus's usual fee; the cheapest item on their website is 85 Euros. The items for the collaboration ranged from 40 to 175 dollars, providing a much more accessible way for fans of Jacquemus to own pieces.

Now, the two are focusing more towards footwear as the "J Force 1" makes its way online. The shoe so far comes in two color waves: black and white. Nike describes their new collaboration as "a sophisticated shoe with the spirit of an AF1." The sneaker features a leather exterior with woven soles, a mesh tongue, and a metal Swoosh on both sides. Jacquemus also features their brand's logo on the back and bottom of the shoe.

Jacquemus shared a video on their TikTok page earlier last week with a video explaining the sneaker in more depth, giving viewers insight into the process of creating the shoe. The duo completely removed the sole of the shoe, which separated it into four sections. From there, the designers wove those pieces to make an interlocked webbing, creating a new silhouette. The creators also decided to remove the leather Swoosh on the side of the Air Force, replacing it with a sleeker version made of metal.

The sneaker will launch on Jacquemus's website June 13th, with Nike following on June 21. It will be priced at $170. Learn more about the collaboration on Nike's website.

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