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If the Adidas Samba shoe could write its own autobiography, it would be a classic rags-to-riches tale of how an outdated, utilitarian shoe ended up on the feet of the biggest street style icons in fashion.

Adi Dassler, the creator and namesake of Adidas, created the sneaker for men's footwear for the first time in 1949. At that time, it had a gum sole made to let soccer players play on hard and icy surfaces, as well as the iconic white three stripes from the company. In 1950, the year of the FIFA World Cup held in Brazil, Adidas dubbed the model the Samba after a traditional Brazilian dance and music genre as a marketing ploy to get soccer players and spectators to purchase it.

The original Adidas Samba sneaker, Source: Mr Porter

The strategy was successful, and as the years passed, the design developed further until it was eventually produced with the slimmer appearance we see today. More hues were made accessible, and it soon made its way into the womenswear market. It became the preferred shoe for indoor soccer by the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. In addition to being versatile and lightweight, it was also the shoe that everyone coveted. But after a few years, the shoe's enormous popularity had a mixed effect.

Grace Wales Bonner and Adidas unveiled their fourth collection in June 2022, which featured a few pairs of Sambas with a classic aesthetic. Since 2020, Bonner has collaborated with Adidas to reimagine the sneaker, and each Graces Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba has been a runaway success. The 2022 Grace Wales Bonner Sambas have elegant tones, contrast stitching, and satin lining in addition to the brand's distinctive vintage-preppy twist. They resemble something an eccentric schoolgirl would match with her pleated tennis skirt to do other than sprint through the mud rather than something a soccer player would wear.

Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collection and Sambas, Source: Adidas's Website

The Sambas spread like wildfire and were seen everywhere. Perhaps you're asking yourself, "Aren't Adidas Sambas a little dated?" Since the "It-girls" are the Holy Trinity of recent fashion trends, you pay attention when they declare something to be cool. Naturally, they have been flying off the shelves of every retailer ever since this vintage trainer became their go-to for casual wear.

Emily Ratajkowski enjoys Samba and wears athletic clothing made by Nike and Reebok. Bella Hadid dresses down her colorful vintage clothing with simple Sambas, and Kaia Gerber dresses down her French-girl essentials with the steadfast footwear. In every case, the shoe evoked memories, and the thought of a stunning woman humorously donning nerdy dad shoes quickly became the ultimate It girl move. Even more, it really doesn't need much introduction if Rihanna has endorsed a trainer. Rih is a samba devotee. She wore Sambas last summer instead of her customary Amina Muaddi heels with a Nensi Dojaka LBD.

Source: Vogue

People are combining the adaptable sneaker into Y2K-inspired ensembles on Instagram, which include mini skirts, baggy pants, and bustiers. It's an excellent way to dress down a dress or skirt as well. My go-to outfit would probably be some loose, low-waisted bottoms paired with a casual tank top. Given their simplicity and the fact that the traditional colors of Samba are grey, black, and white, they go well with everything. But Bonner's vivid red and green designs—along with the well-liked pink Gazelle model from Adidas' most recent Gucci collaboration—are ushering in a new era of vibrant, fashion-forward sneakers.

Source: Adidas's Website

The "shoe to watch" for 2023, according to fashion insiders, is the Adidas Samba. It's the go-to sneaker for famous people and a hot topic on Google and TikTok, where supply is easily unable to keep up with demand. If that doesn't support your desire for a pair, I'm at a loss for words.

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