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There's something about the onset of the summer months that really makes us want to rebrand ourselves for the hottest hot girl summer yet. The rest and relaxation promised by summer break is prime time for experimenting with your look, and hair color is an easy way to change it up without too much commitment. If you're unsure of where to start, we scoped out five of the hottest hair color trends for the summer, backed by professional stylists.

1. Copper Red

Copper tones have been heating up for quite some time, and this fiery hue isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Compatible with virtually all skin tones, the copper spectrum carries all the way from rich auburns to pumpkin spice oranges. Following a long time spent indoors, this bright shade is perfect for a natural look that packs a bold punch.

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2. Barbie Blonde

We know you're probably sick of hearing about the Barbiecore trend, but we simply can't get enough of it. It comes as no surprise that the aesthetic isn't just taking over the fashion world, but the hair world as well. Barbie blonde is almost synonymous with platinum blonde - we're going for the lightest shade of blonde possible. This look might be more high maintenance, but the results are all too perfect considering the premiere of the Barbie movie this summer.

Sources: Pinterest, Pinterest

3. Black Onyx

Dubbed, "the Wednesday effect" by Cosmopolitan, there's no denial that our recent gothic craze has worked its way into this summer's hair trends. If going lighter for the summer just isn't your vibe, or you're giving the succubus chic look a try, onyx hair is the way to go. This look can be easily DIY'ed with black box dye, just make sure to keep those locks moisturized.

Sources: Pinterest, Pinterest

4. Color Block Highlights

We're all familiar with the money piece hair trend that had us in a chokehold during the pandemic. Consider color block highlights to be the money piece's cooler older sister. Instead of opting for face framing highlights, color block highlights can be placed anywhere to create unique contrast. This trend is a fun way to experiment with bold colors without making a full head commitment.

Sources: Pinterest, Pinterest

5. Mushroom Bronde

This multidimensional color combines the best of blonde and brunette hues to create a rich, cool-toned look that's sure to stand out against bright summer colors. Using a mushroom for hair color inspiration might sound a little crazy, but trust us when we say that this earthy blend generates beautiful results. Ask your stylist for an ash brown with grey undertones to achieve the look.

Sources: Pinterest, Pinterest

We might usually associate the summer with going lighter, whether by choice or from being out in the sun. This summer's hair color trends ensure that there is something new to try for everyone with the full spectrum of color on display this season. With so many exciting and unique options for the ultimate summer rebrand, we hope that you don't just find your new hair color - but new confidence too!

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