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There was a viral video on TikTok of Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty Ortiz in the franchise, complaining about Marvel making too many movies. However, the world is asking her this question: HOW MANY FAST AND FURIOUS MOVIES CAN YOU MAKE?! The difference between Fast and Furious and Marvel is that Marvel shares the stories of all of the superheroes, and it makes sense. That's why it's so popular.

The Fast and Furious franchise now has a total of ten movies with different plots. However, when there are this many movies in one franchise, everyone sees that they are trying too hard to keep the popularity. Fast and Furious is one of the most popular movie franchises in cinematic history, but there comes a time where enough is enough with making films.

The Fast and Furious franchise combined plots that includes street racing, heists, spies, and the most important and consistent part, family. As they just released their tenth film, Fast X in May, the entire world is saying this: another one? Fast X brings back the old gang. Dom, played by Vin Diesel, Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, Roman, played by Tyrese Gibson, Tej, played by Ludacris, and many more. In this film, Dom attempts to take on another opponent named, Dante Reyes, played by Jason Momoa, and asks the old gang to help him complete this mission. However, this might make him compromise with everything and everyone he loves. The film consists of more stars such as Dwyane The Rock Johnson, Cardi B, Pete Davidson, the fans are still concerned about the franchise being unnecessary.


There are many reasons why the entertainment industry would want the franchise to keep going. One of the most important reasons is to keep the memory of Paul Walker, who played Brian. Walker was one of the main protagonists in the franchise, until November 2013, where he tragically died in a car crash at the age of 40. It is understandable that he may wanted this franchise to succeed, but when there are no more plots and angles, the franchise should just end.

Another reason for the continuation of this franchise is the money. The franchise has gradually grew in their gross. The first film brought in $212,000. Now this is a $7 billion franchise. Who wouldn't want to keep going? However, if you want the franchise to keep going, make sure it makes sense. For instance, in 2021, their ninth movie, F9 The Fast Saga went from street racing, to going into space. From that moment on, the franchise went downward in popularity.

Will the franchise make more movies? We will never know. But, we hope that the answer is no. How many movies can you make? Where else can you go? We will always remember this franchise being a part of our childhood or teenage years, but all good things must come to an end. The best thing that this franchise can do is to stop making movies.

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