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Seeing a piece of jewelry and having the desire to create it is an experience creatives and non-creatives alike can attest to. Whether it be a rendering of an inside joke between two friends or a personal anecdote, finding jewelry that fits the bill can be challenging. The idea of making gold or silver jewelry is daunting, and quite frankly, unrealistic. The intricacies involved in the process of crafting a piece are nearly impossible at home. However, this is no longer the case because of the genius that is CAST.

Started in 2017 by two brothers, James and Luke Cottingham, this UK brand's beginning is out of the ordinary. James' career as a pro football player and Luke's successful recording studio job worked well for the brothers. This trajectory felt right until they saw a gap in the jewelry industry that could open up a world of creativity for normal, non-jewelers. They hosted monthly mixers with musical guests, and of course, a jewelry-making workshop.

Source: CAST

As this model of their small business grew, the brothers saw an opening for something even bigger. Rather than creating a space where people attend DIY jewelry events, they thought up the idea of bringing the activity to people. What they didn't expect was to grow their brand exponentially, making over 30,000 creations and expanding to the US. The best part of it all: anyone can get their hands on a CAST Kit and use their creativity to bring their jewelry imagination to life.

The process of making jewelry through CAST is quite simple. The Kit comes with blue wax, carving and shaping tools, and prepaid packaging to send back for casting. The wax is what will ultimately become the piece of gold or silver jewelry. One cuts, carves, and molds this wax into its desired shape with the tools in the kit. The CAST website offers various tutorials from basic molding help to jewelry-creating videos, making the experience less daunting.

Source: CAST

Once finished, one sends in their piece to be finished with masters of wax casting. The wax is used to create a mold that doesn't leave out even the smallest indents in the piece. Each detail is seen, making it all the more special. Once the mold is completed, the casters fill it with the customer's choice of metal, whether it be silver, gold, or a mix of both.

Before sending out the piece, each customer fills out a questionnaire that allows them to specify their wants for their piece. In it, they choose their metals, whether or not they want edges to be smoothed out, or if they want an additional gem incorporated. Customers can even send in hand-written instructions to ensure the expert casters create a product that matches what each individual had in mind.

Source: CAST

The Kit sells for $39 dollars with all items and shipping included. In the questionnaire, customers are able to include add-ons that vary in price. From gold additions to personalized ring sizing, each added detail has specific pricing depending on the request. Before the casters change anything on the ring, they consult with the customer to ensure it is up to par.

With a 5-week turnaround, customers can expect to have their handmade personalized jewelry at their door. Using only recycled products and packaging, CAST has its ethos and routine down perfectly. Whether it be for one's own enjoyment or as a gift to a loved one, there is no doubt that CAST can offer an experience and product that is majorly worthwhile. One no longer has to wonder what their imagination could lead to— with CAST, their jewelry becomes a reality.

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