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After not touring for nearly five years, Queen Bey is back. Beyoncé, who just earlier this year beat the record for most Grammy wins of all time with a total of 32 awards, embarked on a world tour this month following the release of her 2022 album Renaissance. The show opened in Stockholm, Sweden on May 10, and the first looks at the show were as striking as you might expect.

Over the last few decades, Beyoncé has become one of the most iconic performers of all time, with an extensive music career to show for it. Along with being a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, she has also become one of the most notable fashion icons in music, even being called the ultimate style icon by Elle. Her newest endeavor, the Renaissance World Tour, is no different. Styled by Shiona Turini, this is one of the most fashionable tours of all time. Here are some of the best looks from the Renaissance stage!


Source: News18 and Brooklyn Vegan

Beyoncé opened the tour, singing “Dangerously In Love,” in a black, mesh Alexander McQueen bodysuit. Immediately, it was obvious that this show was going to be glamorous. The brand described the outfit as having “silver bugle beading and crystal anatomical embroidery,” which serve to guide the eye along the curve of her body. In addition to this, the 3D structure of the piece puts emphasis on her shoulders and hips.

Along with this bodysuit, Beyoncé was adorned in stunning earrings and diamond earpieces, both made by Tiffany & Co. The brand took to Instagram to announce that they are the official jeweler for the tour. This comes after Beyoncé became an ambassador for Tiffany & Co just last year with a stunning ad campaign. The jewelry they made for this tour is the icing on the ultra glamorous cake.


Source: CNN

Another standout look from Beyoncé’s tour wardrobe is a gold Loewe optical illusion bodysuit. The custom piece was designed by the brand’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson and was inspired by a dress from their Fall 2022 RTW collection. The glittering bodysuit features life-sized hands that appear to be stretching around her body. Along with this piece, Beyoncé wore black gloves with red nails attached to them, identical to the hands on the bodysuit. Not only are the creative motifs fascinating to look at, but the glittery outfit sparkled under the lights making it the perfect on-stage ensemble.


In a moment of sheer extravagance, Beyoncé dawned the stage in a white outfit that was subjected to UV lights, changing the color right before our eyes. The wide-sleeved coat dress was an Anrealage design. Kunihiko Morinaga, the designer behind Anrealage, introduced similar technology to the brand years ago and recently used it again in their Fall 2023 show. The magnificent silhouette of the piece proved to be secondary to the spectacle created with UV lights, casting an array of vibrant hues over the previously white coat before Beyoncé removed it. Social media erupted with praise and fascination over this unique styling choice, making it one of the many iconic fashion moments in the show.


Source: Vogue Singapore

For her performance of hit song, “Break My Soul,” Beyoncé changed into a more futuristic ensemble. The holographic David Koma mini dress was topped with a silver coat from the Spring 2023 RTW collection. The colorful dress in combination with the metallic coat gave audiences an eyeful, and she completed the look with equally stunning boots that fit perfectly in the futuristic vision of the ensemble. Oversized earrings completed the look, and the product was nothing short of show-stopping.


Source: Mugler

The most shocking look of the night was the one that fully embodied Beyoncé’s position as the Queen Bee. A custom black and yellow Mugler bodysuit designed by Casey Cadwallader was paired with antennae headgear reminiscent of Mugler’s 1997 collection. The rigid structure of the bodysuit acted as a work of art on her body, and as her dancers gallivanted around the stage in similar bee-esque ensembles, it was clear that she truly is the queen bee. The outfit was paired with shiny black gloves and boots, the perfect addition to a strange yet beautiful outfit.

Beyoncé is back, and she is here to remind us that not only is she the biggest name in music, but her fashion is a force to be reckoned with. On-stage fashion is a hard thing to navigate because it should contribute to the spectacle of the show without overshadowing the actual performance. Shiona Turini’s styling of this tour perfectly walks this line, and the Renaissance Tour is a sight to behold.

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