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If you've been keeping up with the Taylor Swift Era's Tour at all, then you know how iconic her openers are. Swift's 3-hour performances each night have been magical, but not just because of the singer herself. The show begins hours before she even gets on stage when artists from Phoebe Bridgers and Girl In Red to MUNA and GAYLE excite the crowd in their anticipation for Taylor. Among these highly talented performers is a newer artist, Gracie Abrams.

Source: Twitter

A Los Angeles native, Gracie has had a social media presence since the age of 14. In early Instagram posts, she could be seen with friends like Kaia Gerber and Diana Silvers. But this is not what makes Gracie noteworthy. With a voice so raw and honest, Gracie garnered a massive following and gained attention from producers and labels quite quickly. She possesses this unique ability to connect to people through her exposed lyrics and clear authenticity in everything she does. Gracie's expanding fan base indicates her significant influence and establishes her as a compelling presence to keep an eye on in the music industry.

Abrams exudes a quiet confidence that is endearing for fans watching. She often takes pauses in the middle of her set to look out into the crowd and just observe. She relates to the people there in that she is a massive Taylor Swift fan, and like them, she cannot believe she gets to be at the show. Having only released her first song, Mean It, during the height of COVID-19, her fan base has mostly been virtual. The jump from Zoom "concerts" to the Era's Tour is not something that has gone unnoticed by Abrams. After the tour's first stop in Glendale, Arizona, Gracie posted on Instagram with the caption, "@TaylorSwift I will remember this feeling in my bones for the rest of my life I love you @TaylorSwift thank you for everything thank you thank you thank you thank you."

Source: @GracieAbramsHQ

Abrams' loveable personality is not the only thing going for her on this tour. Gracie could be seen each night on stage rocking simple, yet ethereal outfits. They are tasteful and elegant, with flowing silhouettes and neutral colors. Sticking to a girly and dreamy look, she cycles through a repertoire of larger and smaller fashion houses that identify Abrams' style. Whether it be Chanel, Sandy Liang, or DÔEN, Abrams' style rarely fails to impress much like her heartfelt performances. Here are our picks of Gracie's best Era's Tour looks:

MetLife Stadium, New Jersey

On May 28th, MetLife Stadium watched as Gracie eloquently took the stage. Her dress incorporated lace, ruche, and mesh materials and was overlayed with a dainty shawl, bringing the whole look together. This look is fairy-like from top to bottom. As the wind blew during the show, the dress moved right with it. The stark contrast in the white look to the orange and black background makes Abrams stand out in unmatched ways. Her dress is Chanel Pre-Fall 2023, Look 45. The bows delicately adorning her hair are the Sandy Liang Recital Bows in Iris Taffeta.

Sources: @GracieAbrams and @GracieAbramsUpdates

Mercedez Benz Stadium, Atlanta

This is not the first time Gracie has worn the form-fitting Sandy Liang Cricket Dress. During her Good Riddance tour in early 2023, Gracie could be seen wearing this look. The dress's square neckline beautifully accentuates the rest of the dress. With its tight-fitting form, there is a precise and well-made element to this dress. It looks as though it was personally sewn for her. The cut of the waist is unique in its pointy ridges leading to the ruching and flow of the rest of the dress. Ending at mid-calf, this look is astonishingly crafted and is wearable for various styles. She tops off the outfit with the Sandy Liang Mary Jane Pointe Shoe in Ballet Satin, giving the look a pop of color.

Source: @GracieAbramsUpdates

US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

This outfit is unique for various reasons, beginning with the fact that there are multiple layers to it. This is rare for on-stage looks as performers usually wear lighter pieces in the event that they get sweaty. This is not the case for Abrams as she wears the DÔEN Sabina Skirt that is seemingly airy with its wholly embroidered embellishments, but really has a thick cotton material. For the top of the outfit, Abrams wears a simple bralette and the knit Paloma Wool Flora Sheer Sweater. The top of the sweater has a different knit stitch than the rest of the piece, creating a unique detail that enhances the look. She wears the Chanel Lambskin & Grosgrain Ivory & Black Slingback shoes, keeping to the look's all-white theme, but giving a pop of black at the tip.

Source: @GracieAbramsUpdates

Soldier Field, Chicago

Last, but not least, Gracie took the stage in Chicago wearing a sophisticated yet modern suit ensemble. Her cropped blazer-like top is the Sandy Liang Ennis Jacket in black. The collar is an ode to a classic professional jacket, but its round edges give it a fun twist. The cropped element of the jacket makes it movable and gives it a modern feel that is unique on stage. Gracie wears the same Chanel shoes she wore in Minneapolis, bringing together both the black and white in the outfit. Her skirt is custom Sandy Liang and incorporates that formal aesthetic prominent in the jacket. The tall slit in the skirt integrates spunk into the outfit and makes it relevant to today's trends. Her purple bow is also custom Sandy Liang gives a unique pop of color that matches the stage's backdrop.

Source: @GracieAbramsUpdates

While Taylor Swift is the main attraction of the Eras Tour, it is no doubt that Gracie Abrams is impressing crowds just as much. Her vulnerable voice creates an intimate viewing experience that is enhanced by her sweet personality. The cherry on top is the feminine and sophisticated style that makes her stand out on stage. Regardless of their more simple black-and-white nature, her looks are uniquely styled and radiate charming energy on stage.

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