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Dr. Martens have stepped up their collaborations in the past several years, partnering with brands like Supreme, ACW, and Rick Owens. The company has successfully been able to maintain its commitment to the alternative aesthetic while collaborating with brands with far different client bases and have created some truly interesting pairs of shoes in the process. Here are some of the most interesting and creative collaborations the brand has done up thus far!

Dr. Martens x A Cold Wall

Dr. Martens has collaborated with A Cold Wall to create several different pairs of shoes. Their latest work takes the 1461 silhouette and adds an industrial looking zipper instead of the typical laces. It’s a rugged looking shoe, built on an elevated sole, and it released in several different colorways and material finishes. The two brands also collaborated on a 1460 boot in a similar style, playing with a zipper instead of laces in the same way. Together, Dr. Martens and ACW created a line of footwear that maintains the alternative aesthetic of Docs, while upgrading them to become a standout piece of the wardrobe.

Source: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens x Babylon

Dr. Martens and Babylon worked together to create one of the most unique takes on the 1461 yet. The two brands deeply rooted in punk culture came together to make a pair of shoes that encompasses the trashed, DIY ethos present in the scene. Starting with a pair of leather 1461s, the shoe is then covered in a tear away olive canvas. The point of the shoe being to wear it out completely so that the leather peaks through the ripped-up canvas. Added to the shoe is a Babylon branded zipper and patch, solidifying the collaboration as the ultimate punk shoe.

Source: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens x Rick Owens

The Dr. Martens and Rick Owens collaboration broke the internet when it was first announced. Since then, the two have partnered to release three different styles of boots (four if you count color ways) and all of them have shown off the grunge aesthetic that was so prominent for the brands in the 90s. Building off the 1460 and 1918 platform boots, the collaboration is easily recognizable from the excessively long, stone grey laces strangling the boots. Adding rivets, accentuating the shape of the tongue, and putting long zippers down the side of the boots are all exclusive additions to the collaboration, and make it a huge success.

Source: Dr. Martens, Rick Owens

Dr. Martens x Supreme

Supreme and Dr. Martens have had a long-standing relationship and have worked together to release nearly a dozen shoes to this point. Their latest team-up solidified their ability to create interesting collaborations beyond what we see other brands doing by slapping a new colorway on an old silhouette. The duo made an entirely new Doc Marten loafer by fusing together two of the brands existing styles. Combining the body of the “Penton” loafer, and the tassel styles of the “Adrian” loafer attached to their signature soles, created a modern and sleek shoe that feels exclusive enough to warrant paying the premium Supreme price tag. Releasing the shoe in three colorways, Dr. Martens and Supreme show how two very different brands can come together to make something interesting.

Source: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens have shown that their collaborations could be truly excellent. The brand has time and time again gone beyond the typical uninspired collaboration we find lots of brands pushing out. This is not to say that they are without fault, the brand has had some exciting collaborations fall short, like their recent collaboration with Undercover where they just put a grid pattern on a 1461 shoe. Still, we can remain hopeful with their track record of interesting releases that they will continue to produce footwear to be excited about.

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