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After a whole year of waiting, the Super Bowl of the fashion world has finally arrived. This year's theme, Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, saw celebrities paying homage to the late designer in a variety of different ways. Some delivered beautiful looks and touching tributes to Lagerfeld's distinct personal brand, while a little hairy.

Fresh off the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, let's take a look at our top ten best and worst looks from this year's Met Gala.

The Best

1. Doja Cat

We've said it once, we'll say it again, and we'll say it a dozen more times: Doja Cat can absolutely do no wrong. The singer dropped everyone's jaws in her extravagant Oscar de la Renta gown, with feline facial prosthetics to complete the look. Channeling Lagerfeld's pet cat Choupette, Doja Cat's Met Gala debut was absolutely purrfect.

Source: NY Post

2. Anne Hathaway

Tweed is almost synonymous with Chanel by now, and Anne Hathaway's tweed Versace gown absolutely embodied Lagerfeld's essence during his time at Chanel. The dress stands out from the crowd with a daring thigh-high slit, held together by Versace's iconic gold and pearl safety pins. Tweed sleeves and a '60s pouf round out Versace's interpretation of Chanel, and we're obsessed.

Source: The Cut

3. Harvey Guillen

What We Do In the Shadows fans rejoice, Gizmo has made it to the Met! Actor Harvey Guillen stunned in a baby pink tweed suit, complete with pearls and floral appliques. Styled by Michael Fusco, this blazer is giving us all of the drama we were waiting for. We can't wait to see what Guillen has in store for future events.

Source: CNN

4. Jeremy Pope

Shockingly enough, this year's Met Gala was a phenomenal year for menswear. Jeremy Pope and Balmain did not come to play with this 30-foot train emblazoned with Lagerfeld's likeness. Aside from taking our breath away, this look honors the late designer without cosplaying as him, a mistake we saw several times over.

Source: The Cut

5. Adut Akech

If anyone deserves the elusive "supermodel" title, it's Adut Akech. The model wore an elaborately tiered Carolina Herrera gown, decked out with lush white roses and black tulle. The details on this dress are to die for, and Akech looks absolutely gorgeous. This look is classy yet modern and fun, and is a prime example of how to make the black and white color combo a lot more interesting.

Source: The Cut

6. Alton Mason

This year's Met Gala wouldn't have been complete without Alton Mason. The young model made history in 2019 at the first black male model to walk for Chanel in the brand's 108 year history. Mason delivered a stunning look, dripped in Chanel, that can only be described as bridal adjacent, complete with a shimmering studded veil.

Source: NY Post

7. Cardi B

If Blake Lively is the queen of the Met Gala, then Cardi B is the princess. Dressed by CHENPENG in an iconic black and white dress, her look is yet another example of how to channel Lagerfeld's aesthetic without being too literal. We can't get enough of the rich detailing and texture in the gown, and we definitely want to see more of the silver hair from the rapper.

Source: NY Post

8. Sean "Diddy" Combs

The men did not come to play this year, and Diddy still stood out in a sea of quality menswear looks. Not only is this quilted overcoat a major statement, the look was self-designed under the rapper's Sean John label. This monochromatic 'fit has a lot going on, but everything works together so perfectly. From now on, this look is the bar for men at the Met.

Source: NY Post

9. Anok Yai

Theme aside, this dreamy look from model Anok Yai made us double take several times. Yai is wearing a spectacular gold dress from Prabal Gurung that almost reminds us of a jellyfish with its liquid beaded fringe. We might not be able to figure out exactly what it's made of, but the sparkle and shine of the mystery fabric is beyond eye-catching.

Source: NY Post

10. Dua Lipa

As one of the co-chairs for this year's Met Gala, all eyes were on Dua Lipa. The singer is pictured wearing a 1996 archival Chanel couture gown, made of tweed, of course. Of all the ways to honor Lagerfeld, sporting a classic archival look like this one is one of our favorites. The rich detailing of the fabric and the expert craftsmanship of the gown itself definitely lived up to the hype around the singer's look.

Source: The Cut

The Worst

1. Jared Leto

Hang on, we'll write something about this once we stop laughing. Jared Leto, we have several questions. Who made this for you, and why? The actor made the interesting choice to go as a life-sized version of Choupette before changing into an outfit my roommate said reminded her of Darth Vader. Leto is known for his over the top Met looks, but this one belongs at a furry convention.

Source: NY Post

2. Roger Federer and Mirka Federer

Yawn. Roger Federer may be a star on the tennis court, but his performance at the Met Gala left much to be desired. He certainly doesn't look bad, but there's only so many bland tuxedos we can see in an evening. He was joined by his wife, Swiss tennis superstar Mirka Federer, who also missed the mark in a bizarre pink feathered dress that swallows the athlete whole.

Source: NY Post

3. Kim Petras

This Marc Jacobs look from Kim Petras left us very puzzled. There's really just too much to unpack here, from the extreme side part to the bedazzled platform boots that don't match the very busy mini dress. Petras is known for making a statement at the Met Gala, but this is one that missed the mark for us.

Source: NY Post

4. Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg, what happened? We expected so much from the prolific designer. This isn't even a dress, this is a crossword puzzle. The busy fabric does no favors for the shapeless dress, and we don't understand the unappetizing green color paired with it.

Source: NY Post

5. Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal took a risk by wearing shorts, and it was one that did not pay off for us. We know this is a hot take, and trust us, we love Pascal just as much as you do. But in comparison to the more dramatic menswear looks on display tonight, the actor's Valentino ensemble just didn't deliver. Bonus points for the legs, though.

Source: NY Post

6. Margaret Qualley

This is the Met Gala, not a middle school dance. Margaret Qualley's lacy skater dress was more than underwhelming, it was downright disappointing. Are those bra straps we see poking out, or is that part of the dress? We can't even tell. The actress's hair and makeup are stunning, but this look may have been the biggest flop of the night.

Source: The Cut

7. Janelle Monae

According to People Magazine, Janelle Monae said that her Met Gala look would be "an experience." She wasn't technically wrong, but this Thom Browne ensemble was an experience we couldn't quite figure out. Monae went through layers of ornate outfit changes before walking up the steps in essentially a bikini and a hoopskirt. The look was interesting for sure, but it was overwhelming, to say the least.

Source: NY Post

8. Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong stepped out in a look that can only be described as the opposite of his character on Succession, and not necessarily in a good way. The pops of color in a sea of black and white are fun, but the look overall feels very thrown together and lacks any sort of unifying elements. At least there wasn't a ludicrously capacious bag in sight.

Source: NY Post

9. Alexa Chung

Some called Alexa Chung's frock from designer Róisín Pierce bridal, we called it Little Bo Peep. The textured material reads poorly on camera, making Chung look lumpy and hiding her figure entirely. Turning our focus from the dress to the headpiece, we just don't understand it. From this angle, it reads more like a bonnet.

Source: The Cut

10. Cara Delevigne

Rounding out the list with its most painful entry, Cara Delevigne. The model was one of Lagerfeld's treasured muses, which makes this shirt dress designed by Lagerfeld himself an even bigger letdown. The black leg warmers make absolutely zero sense, and the simplicity of the look felt way too out of place with the opulent black and white looks we saw tonight.

Source: The Cut

Overall, this year's Met Gala wasn't a total flop. Celebrities have clearly stepped up their game following several lackluster years, and we were so excited to see the men finally showing up and showing out for the occasion. Is it too soon to start speculating for next year?

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