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Glimmers of shooting stars, intricate gold, and crisp black marble danced around the room. Custom crystal chandeliers dripped from the grand ceilings, touring your eyes across every alcove. Glorious gold roses, and glass enclosed cases encompass the crown jewel of luxury fragrances.

The AMAFFI Boutique is located on Billionaire's Row in New York City, 44 East 57th Street. Inside the AMAFFI Universe, one can discover an endless array of old world perfumery founded by Madame AMAFFI.

Using only the rarest and highest quality ingredients approved by the International Fragrance Association. Such as Rose Cent-feuille, Jasmine, Iris, Magnolias and Orchids, which can sometimes take three to four years before enough oil is produced to create a uniquely luxurious AMAFFI Fragrance.

The AMAFFI bottles are doused in hand-affixed crystals, gold plating, silver and other precious materials. The women's bottles feature over 2,000 crystals incorporated into their opulent design through meticulous artistry. Some of our favorites include: 32 July, Lucky Dice, and Amor & Psychea.

32 July For Women

Presents you with the an extra day of summer, hence the name, 32 July. An extravagant interpretation of sophisticated iris in combination with a fruity accent of raspberry and strawberry, completed with notes of magnolia and vetiver that make this fragrance as bright as the dazzling sun. The elegant bottle is made of glass coated with azure enamel and decorated with a filigree lace design. The base of the bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals, and a bespoke crystal cap.

Retailing for $3,000 USD.

Lucky Dice For Men

Transforms from vibes of magical myrrh and labdanum to an unforgettable silage of black musk, rich

warm accords of black amber and sweet-scented saffron. The glass bottle is enclosed in metal in the design and shape of a dice, positioned in a lucky full house combination. The wooden box, is coated with black lacquer, decorated with gold ornaments with a medallion in the form of a gambling chip. The inside of the box resembles a gambling table. Key notes include Oud, Black Amber, and Saffron.

Retailing for $3,500 USD.

Amor & Psychea For Women

A truly feminine floral bouquet, with an irresistible dominant scent of orange blossom. The scent can make your heart skip a beat due to its rich accords of tuberose and gardenia, combined with amber. This fragrance is an ecstasy, like a fervent flame, it mesmerizes and makes you forget about everything else. The red, heart shaped glass bottle is decorated with a gold AMAFFI logo and can interlock into the base in multiple directions. The metal cap is finished in golden enamel.

Retailing for $5,200 USD.

The AMAFFI experience is like none other, from the bespoke Swarovski encrusted crystal bottles, to the rarest of ingredients. AMAFFI is the crown jewel of luxury fragrances.

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