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The fashion cycle turns, drawing us back to a realm of classic sophistication. The Spring/Summer 2024 Collections unveiled a timeless color palette dominated by black, white, and beige. Fashion capitals—London, Florence, Milan, and Paris—came together, culminating in a sartorial symphony celebrating advanced dressing.

Iconic pieces reclaimed the spotlight, gracing the runways with coats, suits, vests, and timeless accessories like ties, hats, and boutonnières. This revival epitomized the pursuit of sartorial excellence, showcasing meticulously crafted garments reimagined with meticulous attention to detail and proportion. These collections breathed new life into fashion, radiating an effortlessly relaxed attitude. The prevailing trend shifted from streetwear to workwear, unveiling functional ensembles adorned with versatile pockets. Embracing utility without sacrificing style, these outfits combined practicality with a touch of panache.

Get ready for a renaissance of timeless fashion, harmonizing with contemporary sensibilities. Step into a world where sophistication meets versatility, where meticulous craftsmanship meets effortless charm. The Spring/Summer 2024 Collections invite you to embark on a style journey where classic elegance again takes center stage.


The grandeur of the classic suit resurfaced as an essential piece in the male wardrobe. Many fashion designers even embraced the three-piece suit, a quintessential symbol of tradition, adapting it into casual looks where it could be paired with a bare torso. Noteworthy mentions include Giorgio Armani, Paul Smith, Dries Van Noten, and Federico Cina. Suits were also reimagined through innovative cuts and constructions, with Botter and Egonlab leading the way.

Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Federico Cina


A symbol of exquisite elegance, the boutonnière has witnessed a modern renaissance adorned with gorgeous embellishments. Renowned fashion houses, including Dior Men, Dolce & Gabbana, and Amiri, have breathed new life into this emblem of dandyism and refined style. It takes on diverse forms, be it a delicate brooch or a fabric flower, each adding a unique touch. Valentino stole the spotlight with intricately embroidered roses adorning jackets, lending an enchanting allure to this timeless accessory. Meanwhile, Yohji Yamamoto was captivated by silver dragonfly embellishments, infusing boutonnières with a whimsical elegance.

Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway


Intriguingly textured and utterly sumptuous, a remarkable woolen fabric emerged as a standout feature in Men's Summer Collections. Fearlessly pushing boundaries, visionary designers such as the dynamic duo Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2, the trailblazing Junya Watanabe, the recognizable Dior, and the innovative minds behind Doublet embarked on a journey of reinvention, breathing new life into the iconic Chanel jackets by adorning them with their signature golden buttons. Amiri surprised everyone with an exquisite array of impeccably tailored suits meticulously crafted from this extraordinary material.

WWD Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway


In anticipation of tropical storms, the fashion realm embraced an array of solid and sturdy boots, boasting rugged soles that effortlessly complemented summer-inspired ensembles. Louis Vuitton and Junya Watanabe showcased utilitarian fisherman boots, while 1017 Alyx 9SM took inspiration from military aesthetics, presenting an array of commanding boots. Neil Barrett elevated the runway with sophisticated riding boots, striking a perfect balance between style and practicality. Unconventional designs also stole the spotlight, with Rick Owens introducing medical splint-shaped boots that defied convention. At the same time, Etudes Studio added a touch of Western flair with their imitation cowboy boots.

Fashion Network Vogue Runway Études Show Studio


As streetwear virtually disappears from the male wardrobe, workwear takes the spotlight, offering practical and valuable garments. Anoraks and parkas adorned with reflective stripes or vibrant colours, cardigans, and multi-pocket shirts, such as the exquisitely elegant designs by Prada, cargo pants featuring four functional pockets, emerged as the new essentials in men's fashion. Not to be overlooked are Fendi and Sacai, who showcased aprons, blouses, and jumpsuits as part of their workwear-inspired collections.

Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway Vogue Runway

The Spring/Summer 2024 collections brought back classic sophistication and timeless elegance. Fashion capitals united to showcase iconic pieces and celebrate advanced dressing. The grandeur of the traditional suit resurfaced, while boutonnières experienced a contemporary revival. Luxurious tweed fabric reinvented iconic Chanel jackets. Solid boots with rugged soles became a stylish choice. The trend shifted to workwear with functional garments adorned with versatile pockets. Embrace this renaissance of timeless fashion, where elegance meets versatility, and every detail tells a story of refined style.

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