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Source: Atwood Magazine

Music is one of the strongest platforms that can unify and bring discussion to this generation. As the music industry continues to be in conversation, there's an increase of new artists making their way to fame. One of those artists is Teddy Swims. The 30-year old pop and rock musician that took TikTok by storm with one of his hit songs, Lose Control. With his soulful vocals and rockstar look, his image is one of the most unexpected, yet transparent look that any artists has had.

Born in Conyers, Georgia, Jaten Dimsdale aka Teddy Swims, always had a love for football. Believing that he would go the distance in football, he started to invest his interest in music when he was in high school. For him, high school became his stage and realized his potential to go far in his musical career after he graduated. Inspired by artists such as Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Keith Sweat, and Stevie Wonder, he started to develop his own sound.

Source: YouTube

Eventually, he started his music career by singing covers by other artists on his Youtube channel. He gained 400 million views in 2022. He's also released singles and EPs such as Unlearning, Tough Love, and Sleeping is Exhausting. From that moment on, everyone on social media has tuned into his sound and has left everyone speechless. One reviewer even said, "Everything Teddy Swims touches turns into gold."

As he released other songs such as I Can't Make You Love Me, 911, and Bed on Fire, he's released a sound that's relatable in relationships, moving on, and living life. Because of his intentions with his music, that's what makes him different in the music industry.

Source: Elusive Disc

As Swims continues to bring soul and passion into his music, he is making his way into the industry by showing his transparency and talent to his audience. Swims is currently on a world tour in places such as United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands. He's also making his way to the US in August, where he's promoting his new album, I've Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1), which is coming out in September.

The more that the world continues to look and listen for good music, Swims continues to make his mark in the industry by being himself. Teddy Swims is the definition of a star on the rise. As he continue to gain momentum with his music, he reaches out to his audience with the relaxed and relatable vibe. One thing we can say is that we can't wait to see more of Teddy Swims.

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