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Weekend one of Coachella just wrapped up, and we're sad to report that the fashion this year was not up to par. We might not know what caused this massive fashion flop, but it did make us start thinking about some of our favorite looks from years past. Without further ado, and in no particular order, we're here to remind you of the most iconic celebrity Coachella outfits from the "golden age" of the music festival.

1. Kylie Jenner

Ah, 2016. Some might call it the golden age of Coachella fashion, and they would be correct. The social media maven's bold bikini and pastel wig broke the internet, rightfully earning this look a spot in the Coachella fashion hall of fame.

Source: My Face Hunter

2. Vanessa Hudgens

Moving onto the queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens nails the boho vibes of the music festival every year without fail. This look from 2011 really represents the pinnacle of Coachella fashion by displaying everything from fringe to feathers. Can we still buy that crochet top?

Source: Footwear News

3. Paris Hilton

Here we have yet another gem from 2016, featuring Paris Hilton living her best life in a leather bandeau paired with the most fabulous lace maxi dress. We love her darker take on the hippie vibes that Coachella is known for, and the massive Y2K sunglasses make this look super on brand for the heiress.

Source: E! Online

4. Gigi Hadid

Aside from this 2015 look being absolutely fabulous, the light fabric of this Grecian-inspired dress made it perfect for hot days in the desert. The armband, headscarf, and foot jewelry all effortlessly capture the bohemian aesthetic without looking too costume-y.

Source: Fashion Magazine

5. Beyonce

It's 2018. We're not talking about Coachella, we're talking about Beychella. The singer became the first Black woman to headline the festival, and she delivered on all fronts. From the Greek lettered cropped sweatshirt to the eye-catching fringed boots, Beyonce's iconic performance (and 'fits) will definitely go down in history.

Source: Marie Claire

6. Rihanna

We don't care that this look isn't practical, it completely changed the game in terms of festival fashion. The beauty mogul showed all of us that there's much more to choose from than hippie-inspired trends by wearing a head-to-toe crystal bodysuit from Gucci, accompanied by a Gucci tank and simple cutoff shorts.

Source: ONE37 pm

7. Zoe Kravitz

2015 was definitely the peak of the Tumblr inspired indie sleaze era, and Zoe Kravitz showed off that aesthetic perfectly with her plaid romper and platform shoes. This look is simple without being boring, and we can only imagine how comfortable that romper must have been after a long day of music.

Source: Vogue

8. Lizzo

Lizzo's surprise appearance at Coachella with Harry Styles in 2022 blessed us with this hot pink look. The singer is seen rocking a piece from her shapewear brand, paired with the best metallic bell-bottoms and flirty pink makeup to match. All the rumors are true, we can't get enough of this moment.

Source: Valley Magazine

9. Doja Cat

2022 delivered some of the best onstage fashion Coachella has ever seen, and this copper and teal look from Doja Cat is certainly no exception. The shredded fabric highlights the singer's curves perfectly, giving her an ethereal and (dare we say) badass look on the main stage.

Source: Variety

10. Harry Styles (and Shania Twain)

Who can forget the moment that Harry Styles rocked out onstage with country sweetheart Shania Twain? We certainly can't, and we also can't forget about the singer's rainbow sequined jumpsuit that left our jaws dropping. Twain's fabulously groovy sequined dress deserves an honorable mention of its own, matching the vibes perfectly.

Source: Yahoo

With weekend two of Coachella right around the corner, we're hoping to see our favs step it up in a major way. Coachella fashion has created a subculture of its own, and the blueprint for top tier festival attire is loaded with years of inspiration. Our fingers are crossed for some major slays heading into the fesival's second weekend.

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