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Taylor Swift could date anyone at this point and spark an excessive amount of discussion, but there appears to be some extra scrutiny surrounding the partner she is now being linked to: Matty Healy is the 1975's lead singer.

Healy is a 34-years old English singer-songwriter born in Hendon, England, and founded the 1975 with three of his classmates in 2002; the band has now released five studio albums and received two Grammy nominations. Healy has previously been romantically linked to singers Halsey and FKA twigs, and has performed with Phoebe Bridgers, Lewis Capaldi, and Charli XCX; he has also been in recovery from heroin addiction for several years.

With his comments and daring acts, Matthew Healy has a history of stirring up controversy online. Since it was revealed that Matty is dating pop icon and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, his old antics have come to light. Swift handed Healy her number and quickly put on a 1975 t-shirt in 2014, starting their relationship. Years later, in January 2023 (just before she broke up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn), Swift moved to London and joined Healy's band. Swift and Healy have apparently been mouthing the same things onstage in recent weeks, and it all culminated in a May 15 snapshot of the two of them exiting a New York recording studio together.

Source: The Cat

The resurfacing of Matty's previous behavior is dividing Swifties who want to support their favorite musician and her happiness but are unwilling to support their relationship. What did Matty Healy do to make his actions so contentious? We have information and supporting data from several online sources.

May 17, 2023: Taylor's fan make #SpeakUpNow campaign

Source: Twitter from a fan of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's fans started the #SpeakUpNow campaign on May 17, 2023, to attract attention to Matty Healy's controversies and urge him to accept responsibility for his deeds. "From engaging in racist remarks, making offensive jokes, and admitting to watching degrading pornography in which people of color are being humiliated and assaulted, his actions contribute to the perpetuation of hate, stereotypes, and objectification, which targets and hurts some people from the Jewish, Black, Chinese, Hawaiian, Inuit, LGTQ+, communities, as well as women", said the Swift's fan in the campaign. She added, "while individuals have the right to make their own decisions and form relationships, we believe that it's essential for those in the public eye to take a stand against discrimination and hold themselves and their associates accountable".

Taylor's rumored romance has her fans feeling betrayed and hurt, and they regret having spent so much money to see her perform. One user wrote, "It's so disheartening to know you've dedicated so much time, emotion, and money to someone aligning herself with someone like this." Healy has also recently drawn attention for his onstage antics, including kissing with several fans on stage (always getting their permission first) and being observed sucking the fingers of fans who approach him and try to touch his face.

Source: YouTube

Many people think it's time for Healy to think about his behavior and the effect his words and actions have on others, despite some of Healy's supporters justifying his actions as an extension of his stage persona. You can watch a video here that recaptures every controversy Healy caused, including when he disparaged Taylor Swift.

Source: YouTube

Returning to the original query, is it real? No one responded with a "yes" or "no." Swifties, however, don't give a damn since they don't want to know if the answer is really yes because they would stress out much more than they already do. Regardless of whether it's true or not, Taylor's fans are feeling betrayed over her rumored new relationship, so what will Taylor do till this? She hasn't spoken about this situation up until now.

What do you think about this situation? Are you against or in favor of this new supposedly couple? Undoubtedly, Healy has its controversy, but he can change for love, right? Even more, Taylor could greatly influence Healy to become a more decent person!

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