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Strolling around Manhattan's Lower East Side, you may stumble upon a bright yellow façade located on Orchard Street. You pull open the door to reveal a glistening beaded interior. Sparkle and shine radiates off every item inside. The bright walls and ornate floor tiling make the store appear as if its made of beads itself. Susan Alexandra's boutique is a mesmerizing visual treat, and the products sold there certainly don't disappoint either.

Source: Erik Petscheck

From card holders to handbags to jewelry, Susan Alexandra has a handcrafted item for any occasion. She initially started her brand crafting and selling jewelry out of her tiny New York City apartment and has since grown exponentially, even being worn by Gigi Hadid.

The boutique has recently started hosting "bead nights," where customers can purchase tickets to attend and make their own jewelry with the guidance of the Susan Alexandra team. Everyone who comes to the bead night gets to create a custom Susan Alexandra necklace of their very own using the beads and charms provided. This is a very popular event, and has consistently sold out months in advance. The brand's choice to offer hands-on creation allows a more personal touch for their clientele. This encourages the very creativity that started the Susan Alexandra brand in the first place, and shares it with all of the boutiques patrons.

These bead nights also allow the boutique's customers the chance to be featured on the Susan Alexandra TikTok, where some of the custom necklace designs are shown off for their social media fans.

Source: Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra's popularity is in part due to their outstanding social media presence. The brand's Instagram and TikTok accounts consistently produce cute content to promote their products and services. Many other TikTok creators have also promoted Susan Alexandra's store and bead nights on their own pages, further contributing to their success.

Amidst the mundane stores lining either side of Orchard Street, the Susan Alexandra boutique breathes color and life into the block. As her store continues to offer more products and services, her popularity will only continue to grow. Here at Issued, we are eagerly anticipating whatever it may be that her brand has in store next.

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