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The up-and-coming German painter, Stella Winter, is a force to be reckoned with. Her eclectic and colorful paintings are visually pleasing and encourage viewers to analyze the unique perspective portrayed in her artwork. She successfully tells a story with fine details and never-ending precision. It is marvelous to see the success Winter has garnered over a short time. Even with the hasty rise to fame, Winter is deservingly showcasing a solo exhibition at Galerie Greulich in Frankfurt, Germany from July 7 to December 23. This, in conjunction with her recent clothing collaboration with Moda de Prato, will ensure that people know the name Stella Winter.

Source: @OccasionallyIPaint

The 24-year-old painter did not get her start in the art world until lockdown when she took advantage of endless amounts of time and began painting in a serious way. Prior to this, Winter was an American and film studies major in school, hoping to finish her degree like every other college student. She always had an interest in drawing and painting, but it was never her main calling– until it was.

Posting with the name, @OccasionallyIPaint, Stella began posting her pieces on Instagram and Tik Tok. She wasn't just a painter enjoying a hobby in her room anymore. She became an internet sensation, gaining thousands of followers overnight. Her oil paintings became a social media hit, with their minute details and jokey innuendos sprinkled throughout. In an interview with Overstandard, Stella said her main inspiration for her work comes from being with family and friends. She loves to capture moments with them and alter how she felt in those moments through painting.

Source: @OccasionallyIPaint

Her Galerie Greulich exhibition is vibrant, colorful, and slightly influenced by horror. These contrasting feelings are what make Stella's work so compelling. By looking at just one painting, one can understand and derive various stories. Spending hours on one portion of her work would not be a moot point, as each inch gives a different narrative.

In her oil piece, Aftermath Part I, one is exposed to what seems like the bedside table of a younger man. Strewn with a plethora of cigarette buds and a videogame controller, amongst other knick-knacks, there is a sense of messiness and chaos in this painting. Whoever this bedside belongs to does not seem to be doing well. Bloody teeth casually litter the surface near the other items. The remote by the old wrapper is adorned with comedically placed buttons that say "fuck" or "useless," emitting a feeling of hopelessness throughout the piece. With multiple pockets to analyze, one can easily understand the emotion that is presented in this painting.

Similar to Part I, Aftermath Part II has a chaotic nature. However, it lacks the sorrowful feelings of the initial painting and is instead replaced with a joyful liveliness that comes after a long night spent with people you love. This piece also has a surface, but this one is a communal kitchen table. On it, there are flowers, candles, empty wine glasses, and fruits. There are no hints of sadness lingering on this oil and crayon piece– just a sense of togetherness and fun. This is also brought out in the array of colors used and the exuberance of the sprouted flowers. In just 2 paintings, Winter has managed to pull out opposite extremes of emotions using the same means.

Source: Galerie Greulich

This is no simple feat and takes dedication beyond casual enjoyment. Since finding success through art, Winter has stopped studying American studies and film to pursue an art and painting degree in Germany. She began this past semester and is continuing her journey there. She plans to continue painting and exploring different avenues in which her talent can take her.

Stella has the talent of not only creating work that is pleasing to the eye but that also derives thoughtfulness from her viewers. She can describe moments in her life and make people feel as though they lived the experience with her. Her knack for capturing emotions with paint and her unique point of view are what make this new artist so accomplished. If there is one thing guaranteed, it's that this is not the last you will hear of Stella Winter.

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