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Whether you know who Stella McCartney is or not, she is without a doubt a leader in the fashion world for collaborating with companies to make innovative materials and introducing sustainable practices. She continues to make a stance for her love of conscious fashion through her cutting-edge designs and forthcoming attitude.

Stella McCartney is teaming up with Protein Evolution Inc, a recycling company that aims to transform nylon and polyester into fibers that can be reused in the industry. The company uses “AI and synthetic biology” according to Vogue Business, to engineer enzymes that break down the textiles which can be made into new materials.

The project is set to start this year by implementing leftover nylon and polyester from previous Stella McCartney collections that will be used to produce new clothing and other products. Protein Evolution INC says their technology can break down any material, furthermore saying they can reuse and produce more recyclable textiles.

McCartney has invested $200 million through a partnership with Collaborative Fund that invests in companies like Protein Evolution Inc, Bolt Threads, and Natural Fiber Welding which all promote sustainable fashion. She has collaborated with brands in the past for instance Bolt Threads to promote the making of innovative materials such as Mylo which is a leather grown from mushrooms. McCartney has used this material in her designs as a replacement for other wasteful textiles.

This project is set to start this year beginning with the company using innovative technology that will process leftover mixed nylon and polyester from McCartney's previous collections, according to Vogue Business. This process will be made into new material to be used for other products which Protein Evolution Inc says can be recycled endlessly; With potential to change the fashion industry forever.

Most recently, she has been working with a team of experts to advance a sustainable material called Econyl, that is made of discarded plastic waste such as fish nets to design a parka. The piece is entirely recyclable and will be commercially available to all this coming year.

With this new development, Protein Evolution Inc has promised that they can break down any material. They claim that their technology can dissolve the chemicals and harvest them into safe textiles for reuse. There is a concern of microplastics being released into the air once this process is in full-effect but the company argues that this recycling process doesn't involve it and the materials not processed can also be used for repurpose or dumping it.

This is not the first time Stella McCartney has spoken or brought awareness to sustainable fashion. While doing little research, you will find that she is one of the more vocal advocates in fashion today by starting campaigns and conversations around sustainability and looking for ways to help save the plane— all while looking fab at the same time.

Stella McCartney's never-ending journey in fighting back to save our planet is unremitting and her company remains to be innovative while also changing the status quo. Her new development in Protein Evolution Inc will hopefully bring more awareness to sustainable fashion and solve the issue of recreating textiles for a much longer use.


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