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The second you cross the threshold of the garden's entrance, the aromatic fragrance of dew-adorned tulips tickles your nose and you're instantly drawn in further. Sun-struck daffodils perforate your line of sight— a primary yellow distinct enough to bring a smile to your face. A stroll through this garden reveals trees, flowers, and blossoms that excite and delight the senses. A warm feeling that can only be felt during the spring season, when everything begins to bloom.

Photo by Acacia Brunell

New York, its officially that time again— spring has sprung. The perfect time of year to take a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens located in Crown Heights. First opened in 1911, the garden served to preserve and showcase local native plants. As the years went on, additions were made to include plant types from all over the world. From bonsai trees to cacti, the greenhouses in this garden continued to grow as time pressed on.

Photo by Acacia Brunell

The main attraction of this garden during the months of April and May are its plethora of cherry blossom trees. Right now the trees have all begun to bloom. From April 22nd to May 14th, the garden is hosting "Weekends in Bloom." This event features music and pop-ups to celebrate the bloom of the cherry blossom trees.

I went to the garden earlier this week, and I would definitely say it's worth making the trip. My walk through the trees filled me with a wistful intrigue, and an excitedness for the warm weather to come. My favorite part of my time in the garden was the greenhouses full of tropical plants and trees. There were many plants I'd never seen before, and learning about them was a really fun experience.

Photo by Acacia Brunell

This garden would be an excellent place to visit as the weather continues to get warmer and sunnier. If you get the opportunity to look at the blossoms, certainly make sure to take a stroll through the entire 52 acre garden as well. The various aromas and colors are sure to deliver joy to all of the botanical garden's visitors this spring and summer.

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