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Sofia Richie Grainge has been on a mission to position herself as a fashion girl. From her rise to fame as the daughter of Lionel Richie and sister of Nicole, Richie has been in the public eye since childhood. Now a married woman, Richie is venturing out on her own with a new fashion line, which she is teasing online to create excitement, following her style growth and recent wedding.

People originally began paying attention to Richie again when she wed Elliot Grainge in April. The wedding restarted Richie's previous failed attempts of solidifying herself as an it girl which hadn't worked as the public labelled her as yet another nepo-baby. Fans appreciated the wedding, from the decor and location to Richie's Chanel wedding dresses. One fan took to X and wrote, "Still a little obsessed with Sofia Richie's wedding. I think everything was perfect for the location and the type of style she wanted for herself..." further going on to attach heart-eye emojis along with Richie's wedding Tik Tok video.

Source: Vogue

The wedding served as the perfect publicity for Richie after previously being in the headlines for years for her relationships with Scott Disick and Justin Bieber. This was Richie's "happy ending," as fans described it which helped them root for her after years of turmoil. Since the wedding, Richie has been in the different headlines like, "Sofia Richie Grainge: The Inner World of An It-Girl," from Elle.

These headlines were also followed with fans doing a closer inspection on Richie's recent style and declaring it "quiet luxury." This new trend focuses on simple everyday outfits with high price tags, or simply just "rich bitch energy." While fashion critics remain their stance of "quiet" and "luxury" being a juxtaposition, the trend has taken off following years of flashy labels.

Soon enough, Richie became the poster girl, along with the Jenner sisters, for the trend. For Richie, this became the biggest claim to fame, despite her not wanting to be associated with the trend. The trend's exclusive makes it aspirational, which keeps fans' eyes on Richie. This helped Ritchie secure an ambassadorship with Prada for their Spring Summer 2024 collection.

Source: Bustle

In August, Richie announced her new fashion line in an interview with Who What Wear, fresh off the hype of her style and wedding. Richie described the line's aesthetic as "100% her and... the aesthetic [she has] been wearing." Richie also talked about how it took her a while to come up with a fashion line because she wanted to approve of everything she put her name on.

Ritchie listed her sister's House of Harlow, Prada and Chanel as inspirations for the new line, saying that she worked with co-designer, Cass, to tell a story of "art and music" through the pieces. Ritchie is now unveiling a look from the new line on Instagram. The Instagram story shows a model posing in a dress and coat from the collection, captioned with Ritchie's initials, "SFG." Ritchie also captured a picture of a few fabric samples as a sneak peak into the collection.

The official name and release date for the new fashion line has yet to be announced by Richie. Regardless, it's easy to see how this is a natural progression in Richie's career following the publicity surrounding her style and wedding. Richie is taking note of this and fans seem to be excited for the reveal of the brand from the newly titled "stealth wealth fashion it girl."

Source: People

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