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The house of one's dreams has an imaginative personality, significant memories scattered throughout, and a sense of comfort that only comes with individuality. This dream is an apparent reality for the undeniably well-tasted Founders of the Danish fashion brand, Ganni. Take one look at Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup and you know their style is immaculate, both in fashion and lifestyle. British Vogue toured their home, allowing us a look inside their Østerbro, Copenhagen villa. It tells us their creative story while simultaneously nurturing a sense of comfort that is rare in highly-decorated homes.

Source: Enok Holsegård

Before Ganni was in the Scandinavian fashion sphere, a classic Danish it-girl could be seen wearing a loose pair of black pants paired with a simple white blouse. While this style was not everyone's forte, the significant trends presented rarely incorporated pizzazz and color. The Reffstrups, a colorful and creative couple, were naturally opposed to this look and wanted to innovate clothing that expressed their unconventional, yet practical style. Thus, Ganni was born— a beautifully crafted amalgamation of ready-to-wear pieces that express individuality through bold colors and patterns.

If their clothing reveals anything, it's that the Reffstrups have an eye for finding the eccentric in the mundane. This is no different for their home, which on its surface, is an old brick-covered flat that could be seen throughout all of Denmark. However, after taking a closer look inside, there is no doubt that this home is a creative's fantasy and anything but ordinary. With accented walls, quirky furniture, and patterns galore, this home hits the mark on all fronts.

Source: Enok Holsegård

The exterior of the home is noticeably aged but in the most tasteful of ways. Built in 1865, this villa has a plethora of windows encompassed in old bricks and flower boxes. A peek at this home is reminiscent of watching an old film with a comforting cup of tea in hand. But there is also a modern twist that overlays the older aura of the home. With hunter-green window frames and pops of patterned curtains that litter them, it is obvious that this house is more intricate than meets the eye.

The minute details that are scattered inside contribute to the home's unique character. Each nook and cranny look as though they were deliberated over for months. The entrance to the villa gives a full view of the tasteful blue staircase that leads to an even wilder upper level. Brown rimming contrasts the blue in the most elegant way, reminding guests of the older origins of the home. While walking up the tall stairs, natural light shines onto the immaculately curated gallery wall. Colorful art pieces that range in style from scenic paintings to drawings of bottles, give character to the home.

When designing their space, the couple added an extension that acts as a dining room. Light blue windows are the walls for this portion of the home, with teal details underneath them. Cream floral curtains stand out against the brighter colors of the room and match the bulbous light fixtures above the dining table. Their brown and white checkered floor lies beneath their mismatched chairs surrounding the table. Some are dark while others have lighter accents, exacerbating the hectic, yet calming aura of the home.

Source: Enok Holsegård

The office doubles as a workspace and guest room. A floral quilt covers the bed while a modern rocking chair sits simply on its side. Baby blue cabinets are adjacent to white walls that hold more windows. A red-toned, triangular rug contrasts the simple brown desk that is just a few inches away. It uniquely feels like a professional area while still making room for comfort with the bed. This room is an enigma, but somehow the varying themes sprinkled throughout just work.

The last glimpse we get into the home shows a spare bedroom that emits homey energy. There are baby blue walls (no shock there) and white wooden slats on the ceiling that open up the area. A red and white striped bed holds quilted and floral bedding that stands out. White light fixtures match the ceilings that center the eyes in the chaotic room. A simple wooden bench lies at the end of the bed and mismatches the dark green side table. But yet again, even with these confusing pieces, this room is an evident solace.

Source: Enok Holsegård

Summing up this home in just a few words would not do it justice. With so much ground to cover, there are endless details to unpack in this Scandinavian villa. Whether it be random pillows lying around or brightly colored walls, Ganni's Reffstrups thought of it all. The ability to design such an artistic home while still making it actually feel like one is no easy feat. In looking at this home, however, one can see that it is most definitely possible.

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