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Saks Fifth Avenue, renowned for its unparalleled luxury offerings, has embarked on a new sustainability journey, partnering with Lucid, the electric vehicle company. This visionary partnership transcends traditional retail boundaries, bringing together the worlds of high-end fashion and sustainable innovation. From the Fifth Avenue flagship to select locations across the nation, Saks is set to redefine the luxury experience, presenting its esteemed clients with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the intersection of style and sustainability.

Source: Saks

Saks made waves in December 2023 as it showcased Lucid's performance model, the Air Sapphire. Suspended in the iconic Rem Koolhaas-designed atrium, the Air Sapphire descended into The Vault, a floor dedicated to high fine jewelry and watches. This extraordinary event marked the inception of a collaboration that marries cutting-edge design with the epitome of luxury.

Taking the collaboration from the runway to the roads, Saks and Lucid are set to introduce demo drives at select Saks Fifth Avenue locations. The West Coast flagship in Beverly Hills will debut the program on February 8, inviting customers to experience the Lucid Air, a state-of-the-art luxury car featuring a California-inspired design, spacious interior, and the longest EPA-estimated range in the electric car market.

Source: NY Post

Saks' as a fashion business reflects a commitment to providing customers with the best in luxury. Marc Metrick, CEO of Saks, states, "We're committed to utilizing the entirety of the Saks Fifth Avenue ecosystem to introduce our customers to the best in luxury." This strategic partnership with Lucid extends beyond the traditional assortment, offering a unique and innovative experience both online and in stores.

The collaboration unfolds digitally through a multifaceted campaign on and various Saks-owned channels. An exclusive landing page beckons customers to explore Lucid's world, book demo drives, and delve into the award-winning electric vehicles. The digital spectacle includes a dedicated main homepage feature, an engaging email campaign, and distinctive social media content, amplifying the essence of this stylish and sustainable partnership.

As Saks Fifth Avenue pioneers a new era in luxury, the collaboration with Lucid symbolizes a harmonious blend of fashion, innovation, and sustainability. The demo drives, digital campaign, and the grand unveiling at the Fifth Avenue flagship signify a future where high fashion seamlessly meets high-performance electric vehicles. Saks and Lucid are steering luxury to new heights, inviting customers to embark on a stylish journey into the future of automotive excellence.

In this transformative alliance, Saks and Lucid are not just redefining luxury but also creating a shift towards eco-conscious opulence. By seamlessly integrating sustainability into the high-fashion narrative, they present a compelling vision of a future where elegance and environmental responsibility coexist, inviting customers to embrace a stylish journey that not only leads into the pinnacle of automotive excellence but also towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

Source: NY Post


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