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Get ready to be captivated by Rosalía, the Spanish singer who effortlessly embodies a new aesthetic and has become an iconic figure for the emerging generation of urban artists. With a deep connection to her cultural roots, Rosalía masterfully blends tradition with a modern twist, embracing a bold and empowering feminine identity. Her unique approach to music and style is fueled by a relentless passion for the fashion industry, resulting in a disruptive and innovative presence that demands attention.

Rosalía distinct outfits seamlessly intertwine with her musical taste, exemplified by the remarkable Motomami Tour. In various interviews, such as on Billboard and Jimmy Fallon, Rosalía was asked what Motomami means, and she answered: "It's an energy." The term originated from a friend's old email address. Still, it resonated with Rosalía because she would ride around on the back of her mom's motorcycles as a child in the Spanish industrial town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. When asked about the album's title, she says, "My mom is the OG Motomami."

Rosalía and her Creative Director reached out to the designer Dion Lee in 2021, one year before the Motomami World Tour began, to translate this abstract energy into a stage style. On the album cover, she is depicted in a nude position with long white nails acting as censor bars, wearing a large motorbike helmet that covers her face, and with long pigtails flowing out on either side.

Lee had to figure out the rest. When asked if it was a burdensome task, he replied that although the challenge made him anxious and eager, it was somewhat simple in certain ways. He mentioned that Motomami already had a well-established image, and Rosalía's enthusiasm, words, and visual identity were all abundant sources of inspiration. When asked about the meaning of Motomami, he answered, "It represents strength and tenderness, both masculinity and femininity, aggressiveness and vulnerability."

Dion Lee created a collection of ten complete looks in different shades, which were showcased in multiple cities. In Seville, Spain, she wore a short white dress with a high cut on one side, paired with tall red biker boots. At Radio City Music Hall in New York, she appeared in a coordinating miniskirt and a white cutout bodysuit. She layered it with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket featuring prominent shoulders, creating a striking contrast between the white and black leather accents that resembled butterfly wings. One of the popular outfits included a bodysuit with thick black shoulder pads and a pleated schoolgirl skirt, with two belts attached to her hips.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

In contrast to Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour and Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, both of which involve frequent costume changes, the Motomami World Tour follows a different approach. Rosalía chooses to wear the same outfit every night, with the exception of a clipped-on ruffle train that serves more as an embellishment than a significant change. Rosalía's decision to maintain a relatively consistent appearance does not appear as a statement or a rejection of the typical pop star's inclination for constant reinvention. She has gained a deeper understanding of herself, so why disrupt it?

Motomami represents an energy that has enabled Rosalía to cultivate a fan base, transcending language barriers. It is not merely a costume but a genuine commitment. She has forged her own path, refusing to conform to stereotypical expectations of how a pop star should present themselves. While she has occasionally collaborated with a stylist, Rosalía's fashion choices exude authenticity. In contrast to other musicians who may prioritize fulfilling fashion contracts or appealing to a younger audience by wearing flashy attire, Rosalía stays true to herself. She dresses for herself, not for our perception of her.

This month, Rosalía is embarking on a tour across the European festival circuit, poised to captivate her most influential audience. To curate her wardrobe for this momentous occasion, she sought the expertise of Jonny Johansson from Acne Studios, who personally crafted each ensemble. The collection thus far features gingham dresses in red and blue, elegantly gathered at the hip (slightly modified from a pink version showcased on the Spring 2023 Runway). Additionally, she wears a variety of catsuits layered under corsets adorned with intricate floral metal detailing. Among her standout looks are the delicate, cascading ruffle Coachella tops paired with patent leather pants, all stylishly complemented by knee-high platform boots.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

The ensembles exude a blend of two elements. One part reflects the essence of El Mal Querer, her critically acclaimed second album in 2018, which propelled her from a flamenco prodigy to a global superstar. The other part embodies Motomami, a culmination of her distinctive fusion of soft cultural and tough urban influences that have become synonymous with her artistic identity. The decision to present something different for these great performances, attended by a mix of curious newcomers and dedicated fans, feels purposeful, much like everything Rosalía does. It introduces new listeners and is a nostalgic reminder to long-time supporters. Ultimately, these looks encapsulate her true essence on stage, representing all she has ever been authentic.

Each evening, just before her encore, Rosalía concludes her performance with the song "Sakura," a contemplative ballad named after the fleeting cherry blossom. Accompanied solely by a keyboard, she passionately sings the lyrics, "Being a pop star never lasts / Cherry blossom, cherry blossom / It doesn't make me sad, it makes me feel tender."

In various interviews, she frequently expresses her awareness of the transient nature of fame, reflecting on how the album that catapulted her career was initially a thesis project and how she never anticipated reaching her current status. The image she consciously cultivates that will be etched in people's minds is not that of a typical flashy pop star flaunting an extravagant fashion spectacle. Instead, she embodies an artist who has crafted and fully embraced her unique world through her distinct fashion choices.

Rosalía isn't just a singer; she is someone who people want to be like her and embrace her Motomami style. Rosalía's bold, vibrant, and expressive style reflects her unique personality and artistic vision. By embracing her style, individuals feel empowered to express their creativity and confidence through fashion. We love Motomami style, and you, what are you waiting for embracing this style?

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