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This year, Rihanna publicly appeared in the media with her baby bump and partner A$AP Rocky. She attended Jay-Z's Oscar Gold Party and her own Fenty Skin launch party. Rihanna is a successful fashion icon who has launched popular brands such as Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty, and SavageXFenty.

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She started by making a public post that shows the baby bump of her now son RZA on Feb 22, 2022, and also letting the world know that none other than A$AP Rocky is the father. The Icon is covered head to toe by the brand The Attico. Her backless Glittery top is paired with stargazing pink shredded pants and glittery purple heels, shining bright like a diamond.

They had been in a committed relationship long before her baby bump, as fans speculated it was during her interview with A$AP Rocky about his Fenty Skin Campaign; this post broke the media because of how well it was kept a secret. The couple is photographed in NYC, with her wearing her Chanel Puffer, retailing at $22,000; her Body Jewelry is from Christian La Croix, Rolex, Chanel, and her Jeans are from Vetements. Retailing at $1560.

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On her Instagram, she posts pictures of herself in casual outfits. Her confidence in showing off her baby bump is the most inspiring thing about her. She's a role model for women who struggle with body image during pregnancy. Her popularity is spreading worldwide, and even after giving birth, she still looks radiant. She sets high standards for herself in terms of fashion and motherhood, proving that she can do anything. She still finds a way to be unapologetically authentic.

The artist made huge appearances throughout 2022 from her appearance at the Oscar Gold Party 22 wearing Valentino Sheer Black Gown paired with black organza sleeves and bedazzled opera gloves. The artist accessorized with Black and White earrings and sneakers. Her hair had a 90s-inspired zig-zag look.

Source: Photographed by Dennis Leupold

Her Famous Vogue Cover for April 2022 was shot by Annie Leibovitz, which consists of nine different looks on the cover but also goes into depth with Chioma NNadi, who speaks on how excited she is for motherhood and how she and her partner A$AP Rocky are transitioning to becoming first-time parents and her pregnancy cravings, mostly caviar, and oranges with salt yes salt. Some of her date night out or event outfits have been a vast inspiration, with it being to other moms showing out of their comfort zone but giving them confidence.

Source: Vogue

During a recent interview with Vogue, the artist expressed pride in their body and emphasized the importance of celebrating this special time. They fully embrace their baby bump and offer advice on what not to wear when choosing maternity clothes. Although they take fashion seriously, they prioritize feeling sexy and confident.

In a US Magazine article, she told British Vogue that she would like ''to have 3-4 kids for her 10-year plan,'' but little did she know that she would end up with friend and Music Feature A$AP Rocky as star-crossed lovers. The Rapper confirmed with GQ that The Barbadian Queen is ''The Love of his life'' and shared his feelings toward him being a father ''I think I'd be an incredible, remarkably overall amazing dad'', ''I would have a very fly child''. We think so too!

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