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The Co-Founders of Too Faced Cosmetics, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson, launched a sustainable beauty brand, Polite Society, on Aug. 27 at Ulta Beauty. The business partners launched Too Faced in 1998, leaving the brand to pursue new entrepreneurial assets 24 years later. Too Faced has since been trusted in the hands of Estee Lauder, according to Fashion Network, leaving them to cultivate an all-new beauty brand.

Source: Ulta Beauty

“We are driven by our vision of a global beauty industry, free of harmful chemicals, animal testing, cruelty and unnecessary dangerous ingredients, plastics, processes and people who don't care about making the beauty industry and our world a better place for all people, all animals, and Mother Earth.”, said Blandino and Johnson.

In the beauty industry, there is no concrete definition of "clean beauty." This leaves different brands to present multiple unique takes on the market. Some define it as free of harmful chemicals and derived from natural ingredients. Polite Society defines clean beauty as vegan, non-toxic, and made of materials that are produced safely.

Clean beauty became a trend early this year, with over a billion views on #cleanbeauty on TikTok. Polite Society’s pledge towards their definition of clean beauty appeals to makeup users striving to lessen their impact on Earth’s environment by using sustainable products. The tagline is “We’re clean, so you can be dirty,” encouraging users to stay true to themselves while assuming a clean lifestyle with their everyday makeup products.

Polite Society's first four items include a mascara called The Greatest Lashes of All Time, lip plumping oil called B.I.G. Mouth, a foundation called More than a Pretty Face, and a blush titled Go Flush Yourself. The mascara and the lip oil are available in travel size for $15 and full size for $27. The foundation and blush are around $40 each.

The products are available for purchase on Polite Society's website and at Ulta Beauty locations. The mascara, foundation, and lip oil are marketed to be hydrating and good for your skin. There is also brand merchandise available on the website such as hoodies and makeup bags.

Polite Society recognizes the oxymoron in their name and claims to be “infusing the world with our brand of bold, unapologetic positivity, love and creativity.” One photo from their website features Polite Society’s models flipping off the camera showcasing the message, “Polite as f*ck,” giving their audience the courage to live their lives unabashedly.

Source: Polite Society

Blandino and Johnson are challenging the status quo of giving in to the negativity that dominates our society by imbuing their brand with positivity. The ideals of Polite Society are intended to encourage its users to change the narrative in a positive way. "Together we can change the world by giving more love and positive energy—and we’re going to look amazing while doing it."

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